Neobhodimost' izbavlyaet nas ot trudnostej vybora. - Vovenarg

Nizhe priveden perechen' informatsionnyh istochnikov, kasayuschihsya nauk o zdravoohranenii - v Rossii/SNG i za predelami etih stran.

  • Siberian Medical Exchange - Omaha and Tobolsk *

    This interesting and concise account of a medical exchange program between sister cities provides a foundation for those who may be interested in starting their own programs.

  • TSentr Informatsii, Zdorov'ya i Ekologii *

    Etot TSentr, sozdannyj v 1990 godu, yavlyaetsya nekommercheskoj organizatsiej; rasskazyvaet ob izmeneniyah v ekologii i zdorov'e v protseesse razvitiya stran TSentral'noj Evropy i SNG. TSel' ego - pomoch' etim stranam, finansiruya opredelennye programmy, prizvannye preodolet' trudnosti i bolezni, vyzvannye zagryazneniem okruzhayuschej sredy.

  • Vsemirnaya Organizatsiya Zdravoohraneniya (VOZ) *

  • Ekologichesko-meditsinskij Atlas Rossii *

    V Atlase sobrana informatsiya rossijskih ekologicheskih i meditsinskih ekspertov, ofitsial'nye dannye Rossijskih gosudarstvennyh agentstv, predstavlena unikal'naya kartograficheskaya programma Geograficheskoj Informatsionnoj Sistemy. soderzhaschij okolo 300 tsvetnyh kart, etot Atlas rasskazyvaet o razlichnyh meditsinskih i ekologicheskih problemah sovremennoj Rossii. Eto: radiatsiya, zagryaznenie pochv, vozduha i vodnogo bassejna vrednymi vybrosami, infektsionnye zabolevaniya, kachestvo produktov pitaniya, ekonomicheskie trudnosti i mnogoe drugoe.

  • V.D. The Virtual Doctor *

    Based in St. Petersburg, this web site was developed mostly for the "non-professionals". with material about medical resources and information in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. One such service is "The Virtual Doctor" where professional medical advice can be sought via email.

  • The Political Disease *

    This is a copy of an MSNBC interview with Dr. Yuri Komarov concerning the state of health care in Russia.

  • Headache & Migraine Answers *

    Dr. Ulrich Oswald, a neurologist in Zurich, Switzerland specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches. With this site, he provides free information in several languages (including Russian) with descriptions, diagnostics, faqs, and an opportunity to email him with questions.

  • The Public Health Institute "MEDSOCECONOMINFORM" *

    As a part of the of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation this has been established as the main national institution in the field of Public Health and Health Services Research in Russia. Founded in 1990, this institute performs a number of duties through initiatives and centers. It has also been a Collaborating Centre since 1992 and a Documentation Centre of the World Health Organization since 1994.

  • American International Health Alliance - AIHA *

    Includes information on health care partnerships and the American International Health Alliance (AIHA) which is "a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the belief that institutional health care providers in the United States can make important practical contributions to their colleagues' efforts to reform health care delivery elsewhere in the world."

  • The Russian Ministry of Health *

    This site, in Russian only, has many links to resources and information about this portion of the Russian government.

  • MedNet *

    As "Russia's Net of Health Resources", they have a wide and varied amount of information on medicine and health in and out of Russia. This site, in both Russian and English can be slow to load but is worth the wait.

  • Medicine for You, Corp. *

    A Russian Health-related site (Russian).

  • The International Society for Quality in Health Care *

    The main goal of this society is promote the continual improvement of health care internationally in the public and private sectors among a wide variety of governments officials, health care personnel and organizations. With members are from 60 countries, there is an annual meeting and publications for those who have joined.

  • MEDLINE Database *

    A database of more than 8.8 million references to articles published in 3800 biomedical journals may be accessed free of charge on the World Wide Web. Two Web-based products, Internet Grateful Med and PubMed, provide this access. For further information, see the documentation at each site. Health consumers are encouraged to discuss search results with their health care provider.

  • Travels to Russia - Russia - Health Care System *

    Nate Lipsen shares thoughts and experiences of he and his wife about Russian health care from their several trips to Russia.

  • Russian Medical Sites and Resources *

    A wide variety of medical resources, many related to directly to Russia, are provided.

  • NIS Health and Medicine Organizations *

    Provided by the Center for Civil Society International, this lists organizations by country.

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) *

    Comprised of 24 separate Institutes, Centers, and Divisions, NIH is a part of the Public Health Service. Their continual mission is the discovery new knowledge to ensure better health for everyone with research in its own laboratories and by supporting the research of non-Federal scientists in universities, medical schools, hospitals, and research institutions throughout in the U.S. and overseas. This is also achieved by assisting in the training of research investigators and the communication of biomedical information.

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