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Please let us know of additional resources.

  • Center for Russian Nature Conservation Home Page *

    As a project of the Tides Center, CRNC focuses on Northern Eurasian countries of the former Soviet Union with conservation legislation, land and water conservation, the protection of endangered species and education of the environment supported by this organization.

  • EcoNews Journal *

    This online journal Focuses on the ecological problems on north-western Russia and the Baltics and is published by the Independent Ecological Information Center, St. Petersburg, Russia - Focuses on the ecological problems on north-western Russia and the Baltics. (Russian only - KOI8).

  • Ecoline *

    Information about environmental issues in Russia/NIS including for environmental projects. (Mostly Russian only.)

  • Ecology - The Mining Company *

    Another great site on the environment and ecology with an abundance of information and resources on many different areas of this discipline such as Agroecology, global warming, organizations, journals, pollution, recycling and much more. There is also a chat room, bulletin board and newsletter.

  • EnviroLink *

    EnviroLink is a valuable, non-profit, grassroots online community that unites organizations and volunteers around the world and provides them with an online presence and resource. With the dissemination of information, a variety of products projects and environmental resources they prove their commitment to promoting a sustainable society.

  • NPP Database Sites (Bailey Map) *

    From Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC), this database provides several ecological maps and information for certain regions worldwide, including Russia and other former Soviet Union countries.

  • Scientific-Production System "Fertility & Ecology" *

    Vermiculture (waste reduction and humus/compost production with the use of worms) being used for the betterment of the environment is covered in many aspects by this site.

  • Svanhovd Environmental Center (Barents Environmental Center)

    The Svanhovd Environmental Center (SEC) is located above the Arctic circle in the Pasvik region of Norway which is in close proximity to Russia and Finland. Among its functions are the support of regional environmental research, hosting of environmental conferences and serving as a repository for information on socioeconomic, environmental, and agricultural issues in the Barents Region and facilitates contact among those with the common environmental interests. Thanks to AAAS for letting us know about this center.

  • The Earth Times Daily *

    Providing global news and views daily about the environment, sustainable development, population and current affairs, this online version of the newspaper is a well put together site with news that is extremely important to all citizens of the world.

  • The Sacred Earth Network *

    This site really addresses two things - the development of communications and networking possibilities for fSU environmental NGO's and also, deep ecology and the spiritual aspect of the environmental movement. Programs and projects include the Environmental Telecommunications Project, Eurasian Snow Leopard Project (ESLP), the Eurasian Environmental E-mail Directory and newsletters.

  • Advanced International Studies Unit (AISU) *

    A part of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the purpose of the AISU is one of an international energy and environmental problem solver, assisting those countries in economic transitions create independent energy efficiency centers.

  • CECHE - The Center for Communications, Health and the Environment *

    CECHE, a nonprofit organization created in 1990, addresses the environmental and health challenges of developing nations in Central Europe, the fSU and elsewhere. Their mission is to assist these countries to overcome these obstacles with a variety of programs to improve health and relieve the adverse health effects caused by environmental pollution. They also produce an electronic newsletter, "The Global Health and Environmental Bulletin".

  • Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) *

    GLOBE is a worldwide network of students, teachers from more than 4000 schools in over 60 countries (including Russia and several other countries of the fSU) who work in partnership via the Internet with research scientists to study and understand the global environment.

  • NATO's Clearing House for Environmental Technical Information (ECHS) *

    This web site is a prototype tool used being tested for the multiple Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) pilot studies and for participating nations to acquire, organize, retrieve, and disseminate environmental information of common interest.

  • Russian Nature Reserve Expeditions *

    RNRE, committed to the efforts worldwide to save the nature of Russia, offer educational programs to the ecologically protected areas throughout Russia in order to inform and educate the general public about this issue in Russia.

  • The Environmental and Health Atlas of Russia *

    Containing over 300 color maps and 150 pages of text, this atlas addresses the health and ecological problems facing Russia including radiation, soil contamination, air and water pollution, infectious diseases, malnutrition, and economic difficulties. With the cooperation of Russian and Western environmental and medical experts, the use of data obtained from Russian government agencies and a unique GIS mapping program, this information is important to the overall health of the nation.

  • The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) *

    Established in 1990, REC is an independent, non-profit international organization devoted to the improvement of the environment in Central and Eastern Europe by the cooperation of diverse organizations in these countries. An excellent (and very well designed) resource.

  • U.S. Department of Energy - Environmental Management *

    This site includes many different important resources pertaining to energy and the environment. Included is the updated 1996 Baseline Environmental Management Report for the life-cycle cost and schedule estimate for the cleanup of the 150 former nuclear weapons complex sites in 30 U.S. states.

  • Women, Politics, and Environmental Action

    Dr. Welling Hall has prepared a complete electronic conference proceedings from this symposia held in Moscow in June, 1994.

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