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This is a series of resources dealing with US/NIS Agricultural initiatives.

  • @griculture Online *

    An unbelievable site about many aspects of agriculture in the U.S. and worldwide.

  • Agricultural-related Mailing Lists *

    Put together by Clark Consulting International, Inc. this is an excellent (and huge) listing of agricultural listservers.

  • EnviroLink *

    EnviroLink is a valuable, non-profit, grassroots online community that unites organizations and volunteers around the world and provides them with an online presence and resource. With the dissemination of information, a variety of products projects and environmental resources they prove their commitment to promoting a sustainable society.

  • Foundation for Agarian Development Research - FADR *

    This nongovernmental nonprofit organization was formed in 1993 in order to promote efficient and sustainable land use systems in Russia. Their bilingual site is full of information, educational programs, resources, and also a chat area.

  • Mother Russia *

    This page was developed by Professor John Carlson of Western Illinois University who is extremely interested in Russian agriculture and has written several articles about it. He recalls his visits to Ryazan Agricultural Academy and would like to exchange information and ideas with others interested in this subject.

  • RUSAG Listserv Weekly News Updates

    The Russian Agricultural ListServ is sponsored by the University of Maryland College of Agriculture at College Park, the Research and Scientific Exchanges Division, Foreign Agriculture Service/International Cooperation and Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Committee on International Science and Education of the Joint Council on Food and Agricultural Sciences. Although only through November of 1996, these still contain important and relevant information.

  • RUSAG's NIS Agribusiness Report: Contacts and Publications

    This list is courtesy of RUSAG.

  • Rodale Institute *

    Long known in the US for its sustainable approach to agriculture and a large and small scale, the Rodale Institute is also involved in research worldwide. The Russian site for Rodale programs is located at

  • Russian Agricultural Resources List

    This listing of the names and addresses of the Agricultural and Food Contacts in the Newly Independent States of the Former Soviet Union is provided courtesy of the RUSAG-L Listserver.

  • Scientific-Production System "Fertility & Ecology" *

    Vermiculture (waste reduction and humus/compost production with the use of worms) being used for the betterment of the environment is covered in many aspects by this site.

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture: Foreign Agricultural Service *

    The USDA's FAS has a two-fold objective: to expand, protect, or preserve overseas markets for U.S. agricultural products, equipment, and services; and to share U.S. expertise in order to help develop the food and rural business systems of emerging democracies. This site has search capabilities to find information and programs specific to Russia and other fSU countries.

  • Yahoo's Agriculture Subject Index Guide *

    An excellent and comprehensive list of agricultural resources across the Internet.

  • Please let us know of additional resources.

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