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APR 95


NIS AGRIBUSINESS REPORTS - Contacts and Publications (from RUSAG list)

Dear RUSAG subscribers, friends and colleagues,

Please find below a list of extension publications that can be ordered from the Farming Development Service, an extension service based in Sergiev Posad (north of Moscow). These publications have been developed by the Farming Development Service and the All-Russian Agricultural College, with asssistance from the Center for Citizen Initiatives, and are designed to help Russian farmers and farming associations succeed with minimal external inputs.

In order to keep postage costs down, please do not order these publications from locations outside the former Soviet Union. Rather, we would prefer that your Russian or NIS partners and associates contact the Farming Development Service. In this way, we hope to bring together all of the various Russian and NIS groups working to help transform post-soviet agriculture.

This project has been made possible by a grant from ISAR in Washington, DC. We encourage other groups that have translated or published extension materials (especially those with financial support from the US gov't) to post their publications list on this bulletin board as well. It is critical that we keep our efforts coordinated in order to avoid reinventing the wheel.

If you are interested in receiving CCI's Agricultural Initiative newsletter and are not on our mailing list, please send your postal mailing address to

Thanks for your time.


Will Easton
Director, CCI Agricultural Initiative

You can order these materials from the Farming Development Service.


141300 Russia, Moscow Oblast
Sergiev Posad
Prospekt Krasnoi Armii, 103
Farming Development Service

Telephone and Fax:

(096-54) 442-34
e-mail (as of June 1, '95):
Natalya Andreeva
Alexander Karelin
Fyodor Krut
  • Because of the size of most information packages, we can only send out three items at one time.
  • Please allow 4-8 weeks after receipt of your request for processing and delivery by mail.
  • All materials are in the Russian language.
  • Russian organizations interested in sustainable and organic agriculture are encouraged to contact us.
  1. Moving Your Agricultural Products to the Market
  2. Sweet Corn: Production and Processing
  3. Home greenhouses, projects, recommendations for construction
  4. How to start your greenhouse business
  5. Home and Garden, recommendations for crop selection
  6. Weed management on your small plot
  7. Growing Seedlings: recommendations on container selection, soil and lights
  8. How to care for seedlings indoors
  9. Recommendations for selection of medicinal and aromatic herbs
  10. Recommended planting times for different crops
  11. Growing vegetables in containers
  12. Choosing plants from a water-conservation standpoint
  13. Some advice on growing fruit trees in your garden
  14. Plant protection: birch trees
  15. Planning your garden plot
  16. Hot beds and cold frames: for annuals
  17. Dried flowers: recommendations for various drying methods
  18. Cherry storage
  19. Beans: recommendations for growing, processing and storing
  20. Berries: processing and freezing
  21. Apples: processing
  22. Soil phosphorous management
  23. Management of nutrient content in soils
  24. Growing black beans
  25. Soil Analysis: General principles
  26. Tomato fungus diseases
  27. Peppers: processing
  28. Tomatoes: processing
  29. Peas: processing
  30. Peaches, apricots, nectarines: processing
  31. Greens and herbs: storage and processing
  32. Fruit pies: recipes
  33. Automation in produce packing (textbook)
  34. Zemledelatel' 1995, Russian-German yearly on ecological agriculture: Practical Recommendations: Farming, Vegetable Production and Economics. Progress/Leben und Umwelt publishers, Ekoniva Moscow.
Please tell us:


Organization or Farm


City, Postal Code

telephone/fax?  e-mail?

If farm or, size of farm?

main crops?

If organization/association, how many farms?

All materials developed by the Farming Development Service and the All-Russian Agricultural College (Sergiev Posad), with assistance from the Center for Citizen Initiatives (San Francisco). These materials have been adapted from American extension publications, taking into account the near-total unavailability of agricultural chemicals in Russia. Reproduction of these materials for farming development and extension work is encouraged; reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Other sources for sustainable agriculture information and extension publications:

    Ekoniva Moscow
    Stefan Rosenow, Stefan Durr, Yuri Vasyukov
    143013 Moscow Oblast
    Odintsovskiy Raion, p/o Nemchinkova 1 ul. Kalinina 1 tel. 095-591-84-87
    fax 095-591-82-75
    (Organic Certification)

    Foundation for Agrarian Development and Research
    Alexander Makeev, Director
    119899 Moscow
    Vorobyovy gori, MSU, room 598-b phone/fax 095-932-11-82 email,
    (electronic information distrib.)

    Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance
    Vladimir Soldatenkov
    Moscow, Boyarskiy Per. d. 3 phone 095-207-2000;  921-0329 fax
    923-9889 email

    107802 Moscow
    Orlikov Per. d. 3, kom. 436 phone 095-204-4127; 204-4494 fax 292-6511
    No. 2200

    Center for Citizen Initiatives
    Will Easton, Agricultural Director
    3268 Sacramento Street
    San Francisco, CA 94115
    415-346-1875 fax 415-346-3731 email:

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