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This is a continually evolving list of institutions of higher learning in Russia and other republics of the NIS. Please let us know of any omissions from this list.

  • Agroengineering University of Chelyabinsk (ChAU) *

  • Altai State Technical University *

    Located in Barnaul, Altai Region of Siberia.

  • Altai State University *

    Official site.

  • Barnaul State Pedagogical University *

    In the Altai region of Siberia.

  • Biysk Technological Institute *

    Affiliated branch of Altai State Technological University

  • Buryat State University *

    Located in the Republic of Buryatia.

  • Chelyabinsk Scientific Center *

  • Chelyabinsk State University *

  • Federal Institute for Russian, East European and International Studies *

  • Institute of Baltic Studies, Estonia *

    Information about the IBS, as well as resources relating to Estonian culture, language, economics, history, and law.

  • Kazan State Technical University *

  • Kazan State University *

  • Kemerov State University *

    In the city of Kemerov.

  • Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology *

    Located in Kemerovo, Russia.

  • Mari State Technical University *

    Located in the Republic of Mari El.

  • Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology *

    Their European Mirror Site.

  • Moscow Bauman State Technical University *

    (Official site in Russia)

  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute - Department of Heat Power Stations *

  • Moscow State University *

  • Nizhni Novgorod State University *

  • Novgorod State University *

  • Petrozavodsk State University *

    This university is located in the city of Petrozavodsk in the Karelia region.

  • Pushchino Biological Research Center *

  • Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) *

    Chief scientific organization of the Russian Federation.

  • Russian American Christian University *

    One of the first protestant, liberal arts higher education institutions in Russia (located in Moscow).

  • Ryazan State Pedagogical University *

    University of Illinois, Bloomington Site

  • Ryazan State Pedagogical University *

    Official Russian Site (in Russian only)

  • Saint-Petersburg University *

  • Samara State Aerospace University *

  • Samara State Technical University *

  • Samara State University *

  • Saratov State University *

  • Southern Ural State University *

  • St. Petersburg State Technical University *

    Formerly Leningrad Polytechnical Institute.

  • The East Siberian State University of Technology *

    Located in Buryatia with branches in Irkutsk and the village of Mogoituj in the Chita Oblast.

  • Tomsk State University *

    Official site in the oldest university in Siberia. (Russian Version)

  • Ulyanovsk State Technical University *

  • United Institute of Geology, Geophysics & Mineralogy *

    Novosibirsk, Russia

  • University of Tartu *

    In Estonia

  • Yakutsk (Sakha) State University *

    In the Republic of Sakha

  • Yaroslavl State University *

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