Вовсе не обязательно делать из человека философа прежде, чем делать из него человека. - Ж.-Ж. Руссо

Величайшая победа - победа над самим собой. - Кальдерон де ла Барка

We have compiled description of various Russian libraries and available online catalogs.

Please let us know of additional resources!

  • Russian State Library *

    Information about the "main" russian library and online catalogs of books, foreign periodicals and dissertations are available from this site.

  • Library for Foreign Literature *

    General information about the library on both Russian and English, online catalogs of new arrivals and some special collections.

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    Besides hosting a wonderful conference in Central/Eastern Europe each fall and encouraging US/Europe/NIS cooperation throughout the year, the generous folks behind AUDEM are the ones who made possible the initial meeting of your hosts. No way can we thank Dave Hake and Evans Roth enough! Please visit the AUDEM WWW site, join their email listserver and, if possible, make plans to be at their conference in Budapest, Hungary November, 1998.