Самая большая трата, которую можно сделать, - это трата времени. - Теофраст

Не следует робеть из опасения наделать ошибок, самая большая ошибка - это лишать себя опытности. - Вовенарг

We have compiled description of various Russian libraries and available online catalogs.

Please let us know of additional resources!

  • Russian State Library *

    Information about the "main" russian library and online catalogs of books, foreign periodicals and dissertations are available from this site.

  • Library for Foreign Literature *

    General information about the library on both Russian and English, online catalogs of new arrivals and some special collections.

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    Our Towns



    Skip Evans needs your help! Our Towns, has been developed for F&P by Skip who maintains the "Atlanta Life" section. His goal is to develop a personable, on-line resource about various towns and cities of the former USSR. In order to make this goal a reality, we encourage all interested people to submit personal stories, photographs, and commentaries relating to any of these towns or cities to Skip. He will gladly offer assistance if necessary!