Science and art belong to the whole world, and before them vanish the barriers of nationality. - Goethe

The burnt child shuns the fire until the next day. - Mark Twain

Below is a listing of resources pertaining to education of the younger people in Russia/NIS and they activities they are involved in. If you are aware of any schools on the WWW that are not listed here, please be sure to let us know.

Puschino, Moscow Region, Schools

  • Secondary School N1

  • Secondary School N2

  • Secondary School N3

  • Pushchino Ecological Lyceum

  • Puschino Children's Art Exhibition

    These pictures were created by the children in Pushchino.

  • Music School N1

  • Child's Choreographic Studio "Fantazia"

    This page presents information and pictures about this dance studio. The children of Fantazia are also seeking penpals!

  • Other Schools in Russia/NIS

  • Institute of Technologies School Education Server of St. Petersburg *

    This site consists of area schools, projects, organizations and much more related to the education of those up to 17 years in St. Petersburg.

  • InternetCentre of Petersburg School Number 265 *

    This site is in Russian only with the exception of the students' homepages. There is some information about literature classes curriculum, programs this school is involved in, some pictures of school life.

  • KamKids Creative Kids in Kamchatka Home Page *

    Comprised of 5th and 11th grade students from the Far East Russian penninsula of Kamchatka, these students have invited all to join them to become International Classmates. Their teacher, Jon Lauritzen from Minnesota and taught the English language and coordinated this Internet Project. The results are well worth the visit.

  • Lyceum 1, Petrozavodsk *

    Established in 1987, this school has over 1756 students and 212 teachers and instructors. There are eight advanced courses of study in biology, mathematics, art, history, law, physics, economics and linguistics.

  • Vladimir School #23 HomePage *

    With a history dating back to 1808, this school is a "humanitarian grammar school" has interesting objectives and philosophies. It is one of a small number of schools that is a "Russian Variant of European School".

  • Other Interesting Education Resources

  • The Edutainment Page *

    On the GlasNet WWW server in Moscow is designed to help Russian school students in their first exploration of the Web. It contains a few papers from a school newsletter published in Moscow school No. 728, some poetry written by a 7th grader from Kirov, links to the Web servers around the world that may be of interest to the kids. There are many pictures and, of course, all the texts are in Russian.

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