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Child's Choreographic Studio "Fantazia"

This studio was founded by former gymnastics coach Dolgova Valentina. Children from the age of 4 are admitted to our studio.

Valentina Dolgova with her pupils

Valentina Dolgova with her pupils

The education is combined - there such subjects in program of education as acrobatics, calesthenics, choreography (classical; elements of folk, historical, variety art, ballroom dances), composition.

The Little Prankish Girl

Scene from the performance "The Litle Prankish Girl"

The main form of the studio's work is the creation of musical performances. We compose the scenario of the story and then Moscow composers write the music to it. We named our studio by this name "Fantazia" (this word is translated from Russian as "Fancy" or "Imagination") because our children take an active part in the creation of scenario, dance production, very often just the children compose the pattern (or design?) of a dance. It takes us 6 months to prepare the performance. Usually the premiere of new performance is hold in March. The great assistance in creation of dresses, decorations and properties is rendered by parents.

Stacie Stepanova

One of the Pupils - Stacie Stepanova

People enjoyed our last works - performances: "The Little Prankish Girl", "Space Adventures", "The Girl and the Sea". We went on tour to other towns with these performances.

the girl and the sea

Scene from the performance "The Girl and the Sea"

Besides the performances we held acrobatics, calisthenics contests annually because the elements of these subjects we include to our dances.

Every year, in the town of Pushchino, the choreographic competitions are held and various choreographic groups take part in them. The children of "Fantazia" became winners of 1st to 3rd place prizes annually.

The 5th of October is the birthday of our studio. Children, parents and pedagogues meet together. Every year this day we celebrate widely, with merry competitions and charades, songs and dances. Everyone is welcomed!

The children of our studio want to meet and have a correspondence with the children all over the world, with those who like choreography, music and dances. For more information about our studio please contact :

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