Kak ni obmanchiva nadezhda, vse zhe do kontsa nashih dnej ona vedet nas legkoj stezej. - F. Laroshfuko

Um dostigaet velikogo tol'ko poryvami. - L. Vovenarg

Informatsiya o nastoyaschih i vozmozhnyh programmah obmena.

  • AFS - Rossiya *

    Blagotvoritel'nuyu mezhdunarodnuyu organizatsiyu AFS predstavlyaet v Rossii Natsional'nyj blagotvoritel'nyj fond "Interkul'tura". Osnovnaya zadacha ASF - organizatsiya obmena starsheklassnikami (15,5 - 18 let) i na etoj osnove sozdanie uslovij dlya mezhdunarodnogo obucheniya i polucheniya global'nogo obrazovaniya.

  • Amerikanskij Sovet Prepodavatelej Russkogo YAzyka-Amerikanskij Sovet po Sotrudnichestvu v Oblasti Obrazovaniya i Izucheniya YAzykov *

    Etot sovet, prizvannyj sovershenstvovat' obrazovanie, obuchenie, issledovatel'skie raboty v russkogovoryaschih stranah, rabotaet nad uglubleniem sotrudnichestva mezhdu uchenymi i pedagogami SSHA i Rossii putem programm obmena.

  • Molodezh' za vzaimoponimanie (YFU) *

    Programma obmena YFU predlagaet letnie i godovye poezdki v Rossiyu (i 30 drugih stran) dlya amerikanskih shkol'nikov, a takzhe vozmozhnosti dlya amerikanskih semej prinyat' u sebya russkih detej.

  • Sovet po mezhdunarodnym issledovaniyam i obmenam (IREX) *

    IREX osuschestvlyaet programmy obmena i sovmestnyh issledovanij s Rossiej, stranami byvshego Sovetskogo Soyuza, TSentral'noj i Vostochnoj Evropy, Mongolii i Kitaya. Informatsiyu o deyatel'nosti IREX v Rossii mozhno najti po adresu http://www.irex.ru/

  • Search for Collaborators on Economic Sociology Program

    The Department of Economic Sociology of the Faculty of Sociology of Moscow State University, which is involved in the research work in the sociology of economics in Russia, is looking for partners for joint scientific research as well as educational and commercial projects.

  • AIESEC International *

    Organized in 1948, this is the world's largest student-managed, non-profit educational organization with activities in over 87 countries. Their focus is on the development of "individuals who can impact on society; we do this by involving people in unique exchange programmes and related projects". A number of Russian Universities belong to AIESEC.

  • Education without Borders or Bounds: Canadian Bureau for International Education *

    The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) located in Ottawa, Canada is dedicated exclusively to international education. The Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (CCEE) section of CBIE specializes in projects in Ukraine, but also has projects in Poland and Russia.

  • International Exchange Council (IEC) *

    Founded in 1993, IEC provides opportunities for business, academic and cultural exchange between individuals representing these spheres in the US and Russia.  The IEC Mission is: Initiating and encouraging educational, economic and cultural exchanges for improved understanding between the peoples of Michigan - the US and Russia.  The IEC has facilitated business training programs in banking and in manufacturing through the cooperation of West Michigan corporations and has cooperated with the Center for Citizen Initiatives to coordinate its Productivity Enhancement Program in Michigan. IEC is interested in cooperating with other NGO's, and are willing list US - Russia related events on its Web Site Events Calendar when appropriate.

  • Alinga Group, Inc. *

    With the mission of increasing and sharing "knowledge and experience with those seeking to understand Russia", the Alinga Group accomplishes this with "The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS)" which develops and promotes language and culture study abroad and with customized educational tours of Russia and the NIS with Alinga Tours.

  • Pozhalujsta soobschite nam o dopolnitel'nyh istochnikah informatsii!

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    Frozen tundra . . prison camps?



    Siberia? No, as long time friend Sergei Parinov explains on his www site entitled, "Siberia: Culture, Economy, Business." There is lots to learn about this enormous part of the world and Sergei is a good teacher.