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Social clubs pertaining to countries of the former Soviet Union are located at many universities and other types of educational institutions. Most of these are Russia oriented clubs but more of these for other countries such as the Ukraine, Armenia, Lithuania, etc. are appearing on the WWW. These clubs allow students who are enrolled in or attracted to the culture of these countries to get together and share their common interest.

Russia Clubs

  • MSU Russian Club *

    This club is located at Michigan State University.

  • Russian Club *

    One of their goals is to "preserve Russian history and to promote true understanding about Russian people." Founded in May, 1997.

  • Russian Club at Rutgers University *

    The Russian Club at Rutgers University was created to allow students from the fSU to meet, share, and discuss Russian culture and all of the relevant issues.

  • Clubs of Other Countries

  • Ukrainian Club of Michigan State University *

    The purpose of this club "to preserve, strengthen, and broaden awareness of Ukrainian cultural and social customs."

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