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Man's yesterday may ne'er be like his morrow; Naught may endure but Mutability. - Percy Shelley

The following describe various scientific databases associated with "Friends and Partners" or available elsewhere on the Internet.

  • Friends and Partners Funding Opportunities Database Search Request

    A full-text search database of funding and exchange opportunities. The system is designed to permit users to add and maintain their own records (with password protection). We invite your help in making this a more complete resource!

  • NPP Database Sites (Bailey Map) *

    From Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC), this database provides several ecological maps and information for certain regions worldwide, including Russia and other former Soviet Union countries.

  • Scientific State Public Library of Russia *

    This site contains information about the library, a catalog of their database, international proceedings, a server search, news and events, products and services, an online-store, a learning center, plus information about federal programs like LIBNET and federal projects like LIBWEB, and The Russian Center for Corporate Catologization. It is available in Russian only and can be slow to load.

  • International Science Foundation "Long Term Research Grants" Database

    A large (3,400+ record) database of grants made by the ISF over the last several years to scientists throughout the NIS.

  • MEDLINE Database *

    A database of more than 8.8 million references to articles published in 3800 biomedical journals may be accessed free of charge on the World Wide Web. Two Web-based products, Internet Grateful Med and PubMed, provide this access. For further information, see the documentation at each site. Health consumers are encouraged to discuss search results with their health care provider.

  • NUPI Centre for Russian Studies Database *

    This database from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs contains information on all 89 regions of Russia, political parties or groups, elections, institutions, ethnic groups, 1000 influential people, and important dates relative to the areas listed above The site is in English and Norweigan.

  • US-NIS Academic / Scientific Profile Database *

    Established in January, 1996, this is to become a large database of scientists and teachers in the NIS and elsewhere interested in potential international collaboration. The system is designed to permit users to add and maintain their own records (with password protection)

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    Maksim Moshkow's Library



    The most famous in Russian Internet web-libraries is " Maksim Moshkow's Library " which was opened in 1994. Please visit and enjoy!