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  • From Marx to Mammon

    Dave Wells sent us an interesting 1995 article by Geoffery York of The Globe and Mail about Russia's "new rich" and the changing socioeconomic classes.

  • Moscow Madness: Crime, Corruption and One Man's Pursuit of Profit in the New Russia *

    Written by Timothy Harper, this book is about the ups and downs experienced by Rick Grajirena, an entrepreneur, while doing business in Russia during the 1990s.

  • Okno's East/West Letter *

    The Okno Group offers the "East/West Letter", a bimonthly journal (online and off) dealing with the analysis of economic and policy issues in the former Soviet Union countries and Eastern Europe plus other business related information. In addition, "Environment & Health Online" is available as a supplement.

  • Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers *

    This site offers the economic and trade consulting services of Dr. Petrus Johannes van de Waal Palms and the The Palms Portal. In addition, there is an extremely large amount of articles and information on education, employment, political matters, economics and more in Russia and the NIS.

  • Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey *

    With assistance from economists, statisticians, sociologists, nutritionists and public health scholars in the U.S. and Russia, this site provides easy access to public data about Russia in its political and economic transition.

  • Russian Business & Trade Connections *

    This monthly on-line journal provides multiple articles on business, trade, investment plus much more information about the economic scene in Russia. A hard copy version is also available for subscription.

  • Russian Insurance *

    This new monthly publication covers the wide range of insurance issues and areas of the Russian insurance market today. This online version is available in both Russian and English and is well worth the visit.

  • The NEW GENERATION: the economists, political scientists & philosophers *

    The first Internet distributed Russian theoretical journal addressing the socio-economic and political development issues of Russia and other foreign countries. This is written in both English and Russian.

  • U.S. Government Assistance to and Cooperative Activities with the New of the Former Soviet Union *

    The US Department of State annually releases these reports online. US government activities that support reform in Russia and the other eleven former Soviet Union countries are described in this valuable resource. (Note: Reports since 1996 are in PDF format.)

  • WorldTrade Executive, Inc. Publications *

    Executive legal, business, and financial information and research focusing on Russia and East/Central Europe is published in Russia/Eastern Europe Business & Finance Report | and East/West Executive Guide. Sample issues and subscription information is provided.

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