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  • BISS Guide to Banking Information Sytems *

    This well-written tutorial of web-based banking applications includes several diagrams, explains basic networking concepts, the usefulness of networking, server structure, platforms, and more. (Russian only)

  • Economic Gopher Server *

    From the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in Austria, a server dealing with financial and economic issues that is in both German and English.

  • EconomicsInternational *

    The purpose of this organization is to assist the NIS in understanding and learning the fundamentals of market economies. This is accomplished by training classroom teachers, developing and translating instructional materials and exchange programs. As the largest trainer of teachers in the United States, the council is a unique non-profit collaboration of education, business and labor. Their EconomicsAmerica program has also provided training and materials to millions of K-12 students.

  • Financial Economics Network *

    A network for scholars and related individuals in investment banks, banks, companies, government agencies, international agencies, and firms engaged in economic research related to finance and financial markets.

  • International Exchange Council (IEC) *

    Founded in 1993, IEC provides opportunities for business, academic and cultural exchange between individuals representing these spheres in the US and Russia. The IEC Mission is: Initiating and encouraging educational, economic and cultural exchanges for improved understanding between the peoples of Michigan - the US and Russia. The IEC has facilitated business training programs in banking and in manufacturing through the cooperation of West Michigan corporations and has cooperated with the Center for Citizen Initiatives to coordinate its Productivity Enhancement Program in Michigan. IEC is interested in cooperating with other NGO's, and are willing list US - Russia related events on its Web Site Events Calendar when appropriate.

  • The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) *

    NBIA provides information and offers professional development activities that help business incubator developers and managers create and administer effective programs. The assurance of new businesses' success is furthered by incubators' assistance is many areas such as technical support, finance information and much more.

  • Yahoo's Business and Economy Index *

    This index provides links to every aspect of business imaginable.

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