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Economics & Business in Russia/NIS

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Information pertaining to the transition of the economy in Russia/NIS.

  • American Business Centers - Volgograd *

    As the first western consulting agency of its kind in Volgograd, this center encourages US businesses to investigate trade and investment opportunities in the Russian market.

  • American Chamber of Commerce in Russia *

    With over 350 corporate members, AmCham is the leading organization representing Western business interests in the Russian Federation. In addition to general information about AmCham, this site contains a rich array of information resources about visiting Russia, living in Russia, and doing business in Russia. You can also find on-line copies of the AmCham News magazine and white papers published by AmCham's 14 industry specific committees.

  • American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry *

    A non-profit membership organization provides essential information and critical assistance to members interested in trade and investment in Russia and the NIS.

  • BISNIS - Commercial Information on Russia and the NIS *

    The United States Department of Commerce's Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) World Wide Web server provides an enormous amount of information including recent issues of the "BISNIS Bulletin", trade leads, country and commercial overviews for the NIS, and numerous reports on sources of finance can now be accessed.

  • Business Assistance Centre (BAC) of the Government of Sverdlovsk Region *

    An institution established in 1992, the BAC assists and furthers entrepreneurship in the Sverdlovsk Region through a variety of programs and international contacts.

  • Business in Nizhny Novgorod (ex-Gorky) Russia *

    A wealth of information about all areas of business and commerce in this region is provided. Included is the infrastructure, reference information, the business enclyclopedia and much, much more.

  • CIT Forum Automated Banking Technologies *

    This section of CIT Forum contains several articles and transcribed seminars about "Automated Technologies of the Financial Market," and financial market news. One of the seminars, called "Electronic Money: Plastic Cards", was given at the Center for Information Technologies in 1997.

  • Center for International Private Enterprise *

    An affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce and supported by the National Endowment for Democracy, the US Agency for International Development, and private sources, this organization's goal is to serve and a source of information about ongoing efforts of economic reform, establishment of private enterprise and the consolidation of democracy worldwide. As a benefit, all issues of CIPE's magazine "Economic Reform Today" plus other publications are available online.

  • DidaktEkon *

    This 5 year, extensive educational collaboration between Sweden's Uppsala University and the St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance provides management accounting course material, translated into Russian. This material been used to train more than 1,100 Russian students and managers with cassettes and printed resources (not by telecommunications).

  • Economic Transition and Integration Project *

    The International Institute for Applied Sciences Analysis' overall objective of the EIT Project is to identify and study the crucial problems of the economic transistion of the former communist countries with the help of comparative analysis and collaborative research. Their publications that reference the Russian economy may be downloaded and/or read online.

  • Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector *

    IRIS assists in the advancement of economic reforms in developing counries that are related to areas such as property and contract rights, competitive markets and political processes and good government.

  • Investor's Corner *

    A web page about investment sfor Russian speaking Netizens.

  • Moscow Business Telephone Guide *

    Updated 10 times per year, this extensive directory provides current contact information for all active businesses in Moscow. The businesses are listed in both English and Russian.

  • Moscow Information Agency *

    Financial information, consulting services, a lot of links on websites of Russian and foreign banks and stock exchange are contained on this site thtat is in Russian only.

  • OECD/ CCNM: Russian Federation Programme *

    The Centre for Co-Operation with Non-Members (CCNM), as a part of the Organisation for Economic Development, has developed this program whose objectives "are to help the Russian Federation achieve macroeconomic stabilisation, enterprise restructuring and the development of market-oriented institutions and structures." The CCNM site also contains other information related to Russia and other fSU countries.

  • PERDCA - Project for Economic Reforms and Development in Central Asia *

    Created in 1993, PERDCA encourages, facilitates and supports technical assistance (TA) efforts directed towards the Central Asian Republics of the former Soviet Union. PERDCA has been active with resident Western representation in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for more than a year.

  • RINACO Plus: Brokerage House *

    This brokerage house in Moscow provides all types of services and extensive information about the Russian securities market.

  • Rigas Komercbanka PLC *

    As one of the largest and oldest Latvian banks, "this universal bank offers a comprehensive range of up-to-date banking services.

  • Russia Alive! *

    "Journey through Russia's ever-changing, ever-constant artistic, political and economic landscapes."

  • Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey *

    With assistance from economists, statisticians, sociologists, nutritionists and public health scholars in the U.S. and Russia, this site provides easy access to public data about Russia in its political and economic transition.

  • Russia at your fingertips (TM) *

    This impressive site provides services and an an abundance of information that any business person or investor needs to do business in Russia.

  • Russian Businesses in America : Russian America - Russkaya Amerika *

    This site provides several databases including the Russian Businesses in America Database, Russian Yellow Web Pages plus additional services and information.

  • Russian Insurance *

    This new monthly publication covers the wide range of insurance issues and areas of the Russian insurance market today. This online version is available in both Russian and English and is well worth the visit.

  • SOEX-Independent Inspection Services *

    Provides full inspections on different types of goods.

  • Siberia: Culture - Economy - Business *

    Features economic development and business in Siberia. Includes facts, experts' evaluations of Siberian markets and opinions of foreign businessmen who do business in this region.

  • The Internet Securities Database on Russia *

    Available to subscribers only for a fee, this service provides financial, market and industry information on-line about emerging global markets including Russia.

  • The Rule of Law Foundation *

    The mission of this service is to assist in justice reform in emerging democracies (with a focus on Russia and other fSU countries) by empowering those countries with a wide variety of information via the Internet. A mirror site is located in Moscow at

  • The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce *

    As a non-profit, non-partisan organization with leaders and members in the U.S. and Russia this leading trade association's mission is to develop and facilitate U.S. trade, investment and commerce in the Russian marketplace by providing information, assistance and resources.

  • World Bank Group *

    Made up of five organizations, the WBG's goal is to provide assistance to developing countries in the areas of human, environmentally sustainable, and private sector development.

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