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The following are resources pointing to all you need to know to get your PC, Macintosh or UNIX workstation set up to deal appropriately with Cyrillic fonts. Please note that on F&P that if you wish to read our pages in Russian, but don't have Cyrillic, you can always use the "Trans" option at the bottom of the pages which will "transliterate" the Rusian text into a Latin encoding

  • Microsoft Typography *

    The Microsoft Typography WWW site is an on-line resource for type users and type developers. From this site you can download free fonts for use with Windows and Apple Macintosh computers, learn about the multilanguage support for Windows plus much more.

  • PeReStRoIkA - Cyrillic Fonts *

    This page contains interactive instructions for installing Cyrillic fonts on Windows '95 with more options to come. (Be sure to open your browser to the full width!)

  • Yamada Language Guides *

    This guide has an enormous selection of language resources on the WWW including their font archive, links to language related mailing lists and newsgroups. With information fo over 115 languages (including Russian, Russian sign language and Armenian) and 112 fonts for over 40 languages, this is a very useful site.

  • Cyrillic Alphabet (audio and visual )

    Listen to and view the Cyrillic alphabet.

  • How to "Russify" Your Computer *

    This abbreviated guide for russifying your computer, written by Charles Dorsett, is for for Windows95, Netscape 3.0 and Eudora.

  • Macintosh and KOI-8R *

    Ilya Moiseev has written this fantastic site with recommendations and detailed instructions about the process of russification of Eudora, NewsWatcher, Netscape and NCSA Telnet. Graphics are included to make this easy to understand.

  • Paul's Page at Compuserve *

    Paul Gorodyansky has developed an excellent resource on Cyrillic text/font issues. It is particularly good for Windows users.

  • Russian in Different Software *

    Sergei Naumov has gathered together a wonderful collection of material on the Cyrillic fonts for different software (including Netscape, Internet Explorer and Mosaic).

  • Russification of Macintosh *

    Matvey Palchuk has put together a very interesting site dedicated to Russification of Macintosh. The main purpose of this site is to enable MacOS ™ users with Internet connectivity to work with Russian text in KOI8 format. Shareware "Student" Keyboard Layouts for both KO18 and Apple Standard Cyrillic Fonts is available.

  • SovInformBureau: Russify Everything *

    A collection of Cyrillic fonts and software for a variety of platforms including PC, Mac and even the Commodore Amiga. This page provides the detailed instructions for Cyrillic fonts installation for MS Windows Netscape, among others.

  • Web Fonts for Windows and the Mac *

    Microsoft offers FREE new font sets including cp 1251 Cyrillic. There are a variety of faces including Times, Arial, Arial Black Courier, and Impact (like a compressed Black Arial). They are apparently intended to replace the fonts that came with Windows, as they include characters for many more languages. There is also multilanguage support for Windows information.

  • [English] [Russian TRANS | KOI8 | ALT | WIN | MAC | ISO5]

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