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Cyrillic Text Conversion Engines

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  • Cyrillic Alphabet (audio and visual )

    Listen to and view the Cyrillic alphabet.

  • Cyrillic Fonts (Bulgarian and Russian) *

    Plamen Bliznakov has developed this wonderful page. He gives us a very brief history of the Cyrillic alphabet, the problems that have been encountered with the computer age and the solutions to these problems for different platforms.

  • How to "Russify" Your Computer *

    This abbreviated guide for russifying your computer, written by Charles Dorsett, is for for Windows95, Netscape 3.0 and Eudora.

  • Paul's Page at Compuserve *

    Paul Gorodyansky has developed an excellent resource on Cyrillic text/font issues. It is particularly good for Windows users.

  • RussNet *

    This website, provided by the American Council for the Teachers of Russian, has a series of resources for learning, teaching and working with the Russian language. Among these resources are language learning lessons that contain numerous exercises for the Russian language. Also included on this wonderful website are databases, in-service education, discussion lists, institutions that offer educational opportunities and much, much more.

  • Russian/(Cyrillic)/English PC Keyboard Stickers *

    This will help make typing with Cyrillic easier.

  • Universal Cyrillic Converter *

    Ilya Sandler, formerly of the University of Tennessee, has developed a very nice application. It converts "on fly" between the most popular cyrillic encodings (DOS, WINDOWS, Macintosh, KOI8, ISO, transliteration) and allows you to view documents written in Russian, even if your computer (browser) uses a different cyrillic encoding or doesn't support cyrillic at all.

  • [English] [Russian TRANS | KOI8 | ALT | WIN | MAC | ISO5]

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