Жизнь надо мешать чаще, чтобы она не закисла. - М. Горький

Как многие интеллигенты, он не умел говорить просто о простых вещах. - М. Пруст

Ниже приведены ссылки на источники с информацией об истории театра, новых российских постановках и испонителях, пьесах, писателях и т.д.

  • Moscow Theatre Life *

    "This is the only one place in Internet, dedicated completely to the Moscow theatre life. The server is mostly in Russian language, but some parts of it are bilingual."

  • The Bolshoi Theatre *

    A new and promising site on Russia's famous Bolshoi theatre.

  • INTERSTUDIO - The Theater of Synthesis and Animation *

    Founded in St. Petersburg in 1990, this academy educates its students following the general curriculum of Theatre Institutes. It also teaches special subjects which are essential for all actors, directors and artists of the theatre of synthesis. Every two years there is an international festival, the Kukart, which focuses at the cooperative work of Russian and foreign theatre ensembles, artists and musicians.

  • St.Petersburg State Puppet Theatre of Fairy-Tale *

    The St. Petersburg State Puppet Theatre of Fairy-Tale site contains much information about the theatre, including: news, theatre history, descriptions of currently performed plays, and contact information. The site is in Russian only.

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