Isklyuchit' iz zhizni druzhbu vse ravno, chto lishit' mir solnechnogo sveta. - TSitseron

Istoriya chelovecheskogo truda i tvorchestva gorazdo interesnee i znachitel'nee istorii cheloveka: chelovek umiraet, ne prozhiv i sotni let, a delo ego zhivet veka. - M. Gor'kij

Rossiya izvestna kak strana, davshaya miru mnogih izvestnyh artistov baleta. No, v Rossii suschestvuet mnozhestvo drugih vidov tantseval'nogo iskusstva. Nizhe privedeny ssylki na sajty s informatsiej na etu temu.

  • Studiya sportivnoj horeografii "Fantaziya"

    Korotkij rasskaz o detskoj tantseval'noj studii "Fantaziya" v g. Puschino, gde ne tol'ko tantsuyut, no veselo i intersno provodyat vremya.

  • The Bolshoi Theatre *

    A new and promising site on Russia's famous Bolshoi theatre.

  • Dance Theatre Iguana *

    Born in 1995 in it's current form, this is considered one of the innovative artistic companies in St. Petersburg. Their repertoire is a mixture of the avante-garde, ballet and other contemporary dance forms.

  • USA International Ballet Competition USA-IBC *

    Held every 4 years in Jackson, Mississippi, this is one of the world's most eminent ballet events. Many of the winners in the 1998 competition were from Russia and other nearby countries. This impressive site reviews previous competitions with photos and biographies of the many dancers between 15 and 26 years of age. Information about the next event in 2002 is also provided.

  • The Kremlin Ballet *

    Information this ballet company, formed in 1990, is provided by the Tourist Newspaper.

  • The Foreign Dance that's very Russian *

    This excellent article by Jeremy Nobles from The St. Petersburg Times explains the fascinating history of ballet in Russia that began in the 16th century.

  • Russian Classical Ballet *

    This comprehensive site covers theatres, soloists, choreographers, scenography, education, companies, events, the great names in Russian ballet and even provides a photo gallery.

  • Dance in Russia *

    This indepth site covers sportsdance, Rock-n-Roll, ballet and modern dance in the professional and amateur forms. Performances may also be viewed with the correct plug-ins. Note: This site works best with 4.0 or above versions of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

  • The Kirov Ballet of St. Petersburg, Russia *

    An additional site with wonderful exclusive photos of and interviews with the members of this famous ballet company.

  • The Kirov Ballet and The Kirov Academy *

    This site contains an extensive amount of information about and photos of the Kirov-Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia and the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, DC. There is also an interesting archive of articles from the St. Petersburg Times (formerly Press) about Russian ballet along with many other dance resources.

  • Russian Folk Dance *

    This short page from the Association for International Education explains the history and components of folk dancing in Russia.

  • Moscow Children's Theater of Musical Art *

    Founded in 1989, this theater enables more then 100 children to take music courses free of charge and to participate in musical programs and perfomances at the same time. They also have an advanced performing children's ballet group where the members perform modern dance on stage but receive lessons in classical ballet. These groups have also performed on television.

  • The Kremlin Ballet *

    Founded in 1990 by the famous choreographer, Andrey Petrov, this ballet company is housed at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow. They perform a number of original themes in addition to the classics such as the Nutcracker Suite.

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