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Russian/NIS Music Resources

Only paper flowers are afraid of the rain. We are not afraid of the noble rain of criticism because without it will flourish the magnificent garden of music. - Kostantin Dankevich

The following are resources dealing with Russian music.

  • Alisa Official Web Site *

    This site belongs to the popular (among young ones) rock group "Alisa".

  • Andrei Anikhanov *

    Information about this young Principal Conductor of the Mussorgski Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in St. Petersburg is provided.

  • Aquarium Authorized Page *

    The official site of legendary Boris Grebenshikov's band includes biographies, the band's history, album info, articles and even the ability to listen to all of their songs!

  • Barsky's House of Russian Music *

    Features information and sound files on interesting and talented Russian music artists.

  • Classical Music Ru *

    This site provides information about classical music from Russia, Russian musicians, plus an audio archive.

  • Dedication to Vladimir Vysotsky and Other Bards *

    Lots of information and resources about this famous Russian performer are presented both in English and Russian.

  • EQUINOX: Boris Grebenshikov and Aquarium

    A comprehensive (and well designed) server about this famous Russian performer and his band (originally developed by Yury Avrutin). Many audio selections and accompanying lyrics along with archives and photos are available.

  • Enjoy! Culture, Entertainment & Leisure in Moscow *

    Offers music reviews, "Ne SpAt'!" magazine, games, "HI-FI & Music", "Esli" Magazine." This site is in Russian only.

  • Home of Russian Blues - Yuri Naumov *

    Yuri Naumov started his career as a blues artist in Siberia in the 1980s and spent several years of performing "underground" in Russia before deciding to move to the United States - the birthplace of the blues - to rebuild his career. Read about his interesting career, what the critics say, the lyrics to his songs and his concert dates. Audio clips are also available.

  • Kinosongs *

    This site contains words and music to more than 200 songs from more than 90 Russian films. In addition, numerous real audio files are included. The site is searchable by movie title, by song title, or by audio file.

  • Little Russia Music Page *

    Vladimir Pekkel has put together lots of great information on "Great Russian Voices" (opera), romantic, folk, pop and rock and roll music in Russia.

  • Middlebury Russian Choir *

    This choir, founded in 1983 by at Middlebury College in Vermont, is made up of about 15 men and women of which most are students at the college and most study Russian. Not only does the choir sing The choir repertoire perform liturgical music from the Middle Ages to this century but also, authentic folk music.

  • Music Under Soviet Rule *

    An interesting, indepth and well designed site by Ian McDonald covering music between 1917 and 1991.

  • Music and Art of Belarus *

    This site is designed to introduce people to Belorussian music and art and to provide the history of its development from early days to the present.

  • *

    A collection of information about the music of Karelia, Russia and the world. (In Russian only.)

  • Musica Russica *

    Everything related to Russian choral music including CDs, sheet music books, monuments - even diction tapes so that native Russian singers can be imitated!

  • Russian Independent Music *

    Includes interviews, reviews, news, audio files plus much more about this genre of music in Russia.

  • Russian Music Gallery *

    A good source for all varieties of Russian music. Orders can be placed on-line.

  • Russian Music Home Page *

    Provided by the Institute for Commercial Engineering, this site provides information about different Russian music.

  • Russian and Soviet Classical Music *

    This site, in Russian only, provides information about and links to mostly classical composers and music of Russia. (Some of the links are in English.)

  • Saint-Petersburg State Academic Symphonic Orchestra *

    Classical selections written during the last 300 years by a wide variety of composers are presented by the Orchestra's site. Biographies of the composers, real audio selections, orchestra news and a CD are also offered.

  • Simon Hawkin's Russian "bards" Collection *

    Simon has put together a collection of several Russian "bards" (amateur authored songs) available in three formats (transliterated Russian, KOI8 and postscript).

  • SovInformBuro's Archive of Lyrics to Russian Songs *

    SovInformBuro of the Russian Club at MIT has put together an archive of lyrics to Russian songs (in Russian), accessible through the WWW. This collection include bards, pop, folk with a wide assortment of artist's work.

  • St. Petersburg Classics *

    Mazur Media offers varied musical resources of the former Soviet Union including those previously banned. A full list of CDs are offered including their contents and the ability to listen to a selection.

  • Studio-Max *

    This page allows you to listen to the music of several Russian pop artists and bands online. A few of these include Tatiana Ovsienko, Alena Apina, and the bands "East" and "Lube".

  • The Lied and Song Texts Page *

    This large, non-profit archive of public-domain texts to Kunstlieder and art songs are from many cultures including Russian (Rachmaninov, Musorgsky, etc.). It was developed and is maintained by Emily Ezust.

  • The Philharmonic Society's Chamber Chorus *

    Information about this award winning chamber chorus from Gomel, Belarus is provided along with an opportunity to order their works.

  • The Rachmaninoff Web Pages *

    Robert Jones has done an excellent job of putting together this site about the great Romantic composer, pianist and conductor, born in Oneg, Novgorod, Russia in 1873. Besides biographical information, there is also information about concerts, festivals, and recordings and other resources.

  • The Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus *

    Deane Merrill and Donn Davy have provided us with information on The Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus which regularly presents a cappella concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area. The repertoire is liturgical and folk music, mostly Russian. In addition to their history, concert schedule, and other information, you can listen to a few of their selections from their CD Russia Old and New and join their mailing list.

  • The Yale Russian Chorus *

    The Yale Russian Chorus is an a cappella ensemble composed of members from Yale University and New Haven community. The group's mission is to celebrate the rich music and culture of the former Soviet Union with concerts and recordings.

  • Thoma Compugraphics' Russian Publications *

    As a selling agent for TechnoInfo, a classical music publisher in Moscow, they sell Russian editions of Debussy and Scriabin, have a notograph on Russian Orthodox choral music and a large monograph on the history of Russian music in the 20th century.

  • Those Darn Accordions *

    Old friends of "Friends and Partners", Those Darn Accordians now have their own WWW server. You can sample their work such as the lighthearted song "Lithuania" or find out their concert dates, view the "fashions", read reviews or even talk with other fans.

  • Time 100: Igor Stravinsky *

    Considered a creator Modernism in music, Igor Stravinsky is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

  • Valentina Ponomareva Musical Theatre *

    This site offers information about the Russian jazz singer Valentina Ponomareva, including biographical information, a complete discography, press comments, and a performance schedule. An online catalog is also featured, so that internet users may order Valentina's cd's. The site may be viewed in English or in Russian.

  • VladiROCKstok '96 *

    Find out about this rock festival with US and Russian bands that took place in Vladivostok in September of '96.

  • Waterwalls *

    This Russian New York City based band's site contains a photo album, news, lyrics, biographies and a message board.

  • Welcome To Music Phone *

    Offers reviews, articles, price lists, ratings, sound clips, and ordering information about new Russian music. The site is in Russian only.

  • r.Rock *

    This large site provides lots of information about current Russian rock music including history, links, recordings and lots of bands such as Center, Obermaneken and Tequilajazzz.

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