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Poetry and Proverbs

A writer is congenitally unable to tell the truth and that is why we call what he writes fiction. - William Faulkner

Below we have listed resources of poetry and proverbs that are mainly by authors of Russia and other countries of the NIS.

  • Anna Akhmatova *

    (1889-1966) "Anna Andreevna Akhmatova used poetry to give voice to the struggles and deepest yearnings of the Russian people, for whom she remains the greatest of literary heroines. She has lately come to symbolize for the world even beyond Russia the power of art to survive and transcend the terrors of our century." Judith Hemschemeyer, A Stranger to Heaven and Earth.

  • Anna Akhmatova Poetry

    This vast collection of Anna's poetry, prepared by Natasha Bulashova, is available in Russian only.

  • Belarusian Poetry *

    An extensive resource for 19th and 20th century Belarusian poetry with in Latin (lacinka) and/or Cyrillic versions plus some translations into English.

  • EYE - AY Magazine *

    A e-zine of and about Russian poetry. (Only in the Russian language.)

  • Marina Tsvetaeva *

    As a contemporary of Anna Akhmatova and several other famous 20th century Russian poets, Marina was considered by many to be one of the century's greatest Russian poets. This site depicts her life, her works (translated into English), poetry written about, recollections by those who knew her her plus many additional resources.

  • Modern Poetry Corner

    English/Russian translations of modern poetry, discussions, and an invitation to submit original works are all available from this area.

  • Mr. Parker's Loony Bin *

    This crazy site contains a virtual-reality model of Lenin's Mausoleum, literature by Maksim Kononenko, poetry by Aleksei Lyubtsov, information about Russian POP music, a novel by Boian Shiryonov, and more.

  • Poems of Anna Akhmatova *

    Two poems of Anna Andreevna Akhmatova, Petrograd and Bezhetck, are translated

  • Russian Proverbs and Sayings

    A wonderful collection of proverbs with explanations are presented. Anyone wanting to provide additional proverbs and sayings is invited to do so by sending additional items to www.friends-partners.ru

  • Sasha Cherniy

    Natasha Bulashova has prepared a collection of four books, totaling 228 poems, of poetry by Sasha Cherniy. This is available in Russian only.

  • The Viena Karelian Folklore Villages *

    This outstanding site depicts 17 small villages in this northeastern section of of the Karelia Republic (and three in Finland) that are famous for their poem-singing. The photos are beautiful, the history is fascinating, and the descriptions are concise. Be sure to visit all the sections of this site, to follow the links on each page and click on the photos that have small circles in the lower right corner for additional views. The Russian villages included in this site include Vuokkiniemi, Latvajärvi, Venehjärvi, Ponkalahti, Pirttilahti, Tsena, Tollonjoki, Uhtua, Vuonninen, Lonkka, Jyvöälahti, Haikola, Jyskyjärvi, Pistojärvi, Paanajärvi, Akonlahti, Kontokki and Kostamus.

  • Vernitskii Literature

    Alexey, a postgraduate at the University of Essex whose hometown is Ekaterinburg, has published a vast poetry page. A known poet in Ekaterinburg and in the "Vavilon" union in Moscow, he has also provided a large number works of other contemporary Russian poets including Dmitrii Sokolov, Stanislav L'vovskii and Maksim Ankundinov. Some of these works have been translated into English.

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