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Maximilian Alexandrovich Voloshin (Kirienko - Voloshin 1877 - 1932)

Maximilian Alexandrovich Voloshin was a poet, an artist, and a critic. He graduated from Feodoskaya high school. After his first year of legal studies at Moscow State University, he was expelled for participation in "student disorder" and sent back to the city of Feodosiya. In 1899, Voloshin traveled out of Russia. After living out of the country for a long time, he moved to St. Petersburg. He then moved to Koktebel in the Crimea.

When Voloshin was first starting his artistic career, he was attracted to the Symbolist movement. His works were published in the magazines "Vesy," and "Golden Fleece". He also worked with Akmeists on "Appolon". He was influenced by the French Symbolists and Impressionists.

The poet Brusov very highly regarded Voloshin. He said "in each one of his poems there is something that grabs the attention: a particularity of expressed feeling, an idea bravely proposed, an originality of poetic meter, or simply a new combination of words, new epithets, or new rhythms."

The most prominent of his poetic collections are "Iverni" (1918), "Deaf-Dumb Demons" (1919), and "Poem" (1977).

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