YAsnost' ukrashaet glubokie mysli. - Vovenarg

Istoriya chelovecheskogo truda i tvorchestva gorazdo interesnee i znachitel'nee istorii cheloveka: chelovek umiraet, ne prozhiv i sotni let, a delo ego zhivet veka. - M. Gor'kij

Nizhe dany ssylki na istochniki s informatsiej o tekuschih i proshedshih fil'mah, ob istorii kinematografa, nagradah i prizah, prisuzhdennyh fil'mam, o rossijskih akterah.

  • Abamedia - Russian State Film & Photo Archive Krasnogorsk *

    A visual history of Russia and the former USSR in the form of photo and film treasures of the Russian State Film and Photo Archive at Krasnogorsk is being preserved with the assistance of Abamedia. This site presents information on the project, the history of film and the participants of this medium.

  • Kinosongs *

    This site contains words and music to more than 200 songs from more than 90 Russian films. In addition, numerous real audio files are included. The site is searchable by movie title, by song title, or by audio file.

  • International Historic Films, Inc. *

    This company's official webpage offers over 400 original newsreels, documentaries and feature films for purchase including Russian/Soviet aviation, space exploration and documentaries plus American, British and other fascinating categories. Brief descriptions of all films are supplied.

  • The Riddle *

    This Russian-language movie was directed by an American, Evan Brenner. Filmed on location in the area of Perm, Russia it was one of the more renowned entries at the US's famous Sundance Film festivel. This site explains the film, the history of the movie and information about the director.

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