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Russia/NIS Cultural Exchange Resources

The business of art lies just in this--to make that understood and felt which, in the form of an argument, might be incomprehensible and inaccessible. - Leo Tolstoy

We have developed this page in an attempt to list non-profit and for-profit organizations that promote exchange with Russia and other Newly Independent States in all areas of the arts. Some of these resources list funding opportunities available, some describe programs of the past and future and some are programs that offer exchange opportunities for a fee.

If you are aware of any other organizations, please do not hesitate to let us know.

  • ArtsLink Program *

    Funded by a number of agencies, this program promotes international exchange and the building of partnerships between arts communities in Russia (and other CEE countries) and the US Arts managers and artists of all disciplines from Central and Eastern Europe are given the opportunity to pursue the creative process by collaborating with their American counterpart. Additional information can be found from at

  • CEC International Partners - CECIP *

    CEC helps individuals and organizations by working with museums and those involved in the arts in America and in Russia, the NIS and Eastern and Central Europe to combine their efforts and address issues of mutual concern. They are involved in ArtsLink and St. Petersburg 2003.

  • International Exchange Council (IEC) *

    Founded in 1993, IEC provides opportunities for business, academic and cultural exchange between individuals representing these spheres in the US and Russia. The IEC Mission is: Initiating and encouraging educational, economic and cultural exchanges for improved understanding between the peoples of Michigan - the US and Russia. The IEC has facilitated business training programs in banking and in manufacturing through the cooperation of West Michigan corporations and has cooperated with the Center for Citizen Initiatives to coordinate its Productivity Enhancement Program in Michigan. IEC is interested in cooperating with other NGO's, and are willing list US - Russia related events on its Web Site Events Calendar when appropriate.

  • International Fine Arts Institute - IFAI *

    IFAI provides unique learning and performance opportunities throughout the world and holds an exclusive agreement with the Russian Ministry of Culture to provide performance groups for major festivals and venues. A sampling of their accomplishments include dance programs with a Bolshoi teacher, choral groups brought from Russia to visit and perform in the US, and soloists and groups taken to perform in Russia.

  • The Edith Markson Fund *

    Developed in memory of this life-long theater devotee and activist in US - Soviet Union theater exchanges during the cold war era, this funds "individual members of the not-for-profit theater community in the United States and all the republics of the former Soviet Union to collaborate, travel and maintain ties".

  • Trust for Mutual Understanding *

    Established in 1984 by an anonymous American benefactor, this organization is dedicataed to promoting improved communication, closer cooperation, and greater respect by providing grant support for cultural and environmental exchanges to US nonprofit organizations that are working in cooperation with institutions and individuals in Russia and other CEE countries.

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    The History of Jews in Russia. Megan Miller has done a very nice job with this site, explaining the history of Jewish people within Russia. It is one of the most attractive and important sites on F&P.