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Russian/NIS Architecture

How pleasant it is to respect people! When I see books, I am not concerned with how the authors loved or played cards; I see only their marvelous works. - (unknown)

One of the many beautiful things found in Russia and other fSU countries is the architecture. Below we have listed a variety of sites with information and/or photos of this form of art. Other photographic examples can be found on many of the sites on the Communities in Russia page.

  • Ancient Russian Architecture Page *

    This site contains photo-tours by Nick Mikhailovsky of ancient russian architecture in Novgorod, Pskov, Kostroma, and Jaroslavl (Yaroslavl).

  • Kizhi *

    History, current information and photographs of this amazing and ancient area.

  • Moscow Architecture , XIII-XIX Centuries *

    From Little Russia, a variety of photographs of Moscow architecture are offered.

  • Moscow Colossus *

    This Virtual Museum of Architecture and Monumental Art contains some interesting examples of these forms of art.

  • Originality of Russian Architecture *

    From the Association for International Education, these pages provide a short explanation of Russian archicitecture.

  • Tblisi - The Capital of Georgia: The Picture Gallery *

    Besiki Sisauri has developed a photo gallery of buildings and monuments in Tblisi, Georgia and has also provided some brief architectural information.

  • The Architecture of Altai *

    This book, in Russian only, covers the architecture of the Altai region from the 1800's to the early 20th century. (However, the site about the book is in English also.)

  • The Trinity-St. Sergiy Lavra *

    Located north of Moscow in Zagorsk, this unique architectural monestary played an important part in history.

  • Treasures of Russia *

    This photogallery by Anton Mets contains beautiful buildings at a variety of locations in Russia. There is also a Russian version.

  • Germi - Malye Korely *

    This outdoor museum of wooden architecture located near Arkhangelsk contains more than 100 buildings that have been moved to this location from different areas of the north. Photos and descriptions are provided for many of these strucutures. (Russian version)

  • Monuments of Altaian Peasant Architecture *

    This extensive, detailed site has fascinating information about the architecture in this region and includes some of the myths and superstitions that influence the architecture. There are many photos and diagrams so this is slow to load but definitely worth having patience for.

  • Russian Art and Architecture *

    A brief historical overview of this subject is presented.

  • Volga Cruise: Wooden Houses *

    Three pages of photos of beautiful old wooden homes along the Volga River are depicted on this site.

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