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Russian Museums and Art Galleries

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  • Horse-breeding Museum of Moscov Agricultural Academy *

    This site contains a large and varied selection of the approximately 3,000 beautiful pieces of artwork by famous artists displayed at this museum that was founded in 1929. Although very slow to load, it is well worth the wait to view these regal animals.

  • Kandinsky, Wassily *

    This 19th century Russian-born artist (1866-1944) was one of the first of the "pure abstraction" modern painters. The Web Museum, Paris not only allows you to view a dozen of his paintings but also gives biographical information about this influential painter (and musician).

  • Library of Congress Revelations from the Russian Archives *

    After the fall of Communism in 1991, a movement to make previously top secret papers available was undertaken. This remarkable and progressive exhibit (also shown in Moscow) makes many important 20th century documents about the workings of the Soviet-era government available for public viewing. The Library of Congress lays this virtual exhibit out in a well planned tour.

  • Moscow Colossus *

    This Virtual Museum of Architecture and Monumental Art contains some interesting examples of these forms of art.

  • Russian Museums *

    The definitive site on Russian museums has over 125 links with new ones being added all the time. Visit a wide variety of museums and exhibitions that cover science, arts, education, history, etc. If you prefer another language (including Russian, German and Italian) or need a "mirror' site, visit or

  • State Hermitage Museum *

    The famous Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg. This is an ambitious, beautifully designed site describing the museum and its collections.

  • The Bianky Museum of Local Lore History and Economie *

    The Bianky Museum site presents virtual expositions and collections in addition to information about deparments, news, shows, the life of the museum's founder, etc.

    Mirror of this site -

  • The Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science *

    As the world's largest paleontological institute, this museum houses Mongolian dinosaurs, Pleistocene and Tertiary mammals, and the beautiful architecture of the Museum itself. This online resource is provided as part of Virtual Museum at Berkely.

  • The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts *

    This museum, opening in 1912, houses foreign works (to Russia) in what is "one of the major art collections in Russia". The different mediums cover from ancient time to present.

  • Treasures of the Czars *

    This virtual museum tour of the Romanov dynasty is presented by the Florida International Museum and the Moscow Kremlin Museums with over 250 artifacts covering 300 years. Also featured is a timeline, exhibition information, plus other useful and fun information.

  • Art Galleries

  • Art of Russia *

    This site has many different kinds of artistic resources including galleries (and a large catalog of artists), music, literature, and more.

  • Russian Art *

    This site contains an variety of artwork in Russian museums.

  • Russian Art: 1700-1900 *

    An exhibit of beautiful paintings by Russian artists done between 1772 and 1960 at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

  • Some Soviet posters - Art for masses *

    This site contains posters by different Russian artists.

  • Barkes & Barkes - Russian Art *

    With a gallery in London and online, this company is a dealer of Russian art.

  • Guelman's Gallery *

    Visit the most popular modern art gallery in Moscow representing Russian artists.

  • Novgorod Icon Gallery *

    "You cannot understand the Russian soul without knowing the Russian icon." This gallery will help to understand Russia's past with beautiful pictures of icons and a well detailed explanation and history of this historical form of art.

  • St. Petersburg Web Museums and Galleries *

    This gallery consists of wonderful pictures of the city of St. Petersburg.

  • Carol Polakoff- Russia, Twenty Years Later *

    "Gyoza Media welcomes you to Carol Polakoff's new web gallery." These pictures can be purchased in different print sizes.

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