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Art Exhibitions

In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The following lists Internet-based art exhibitions featuring Russian/NIS artists.

  • "Good Defeats Evil" *

    This sculpture, by Soviet artist Zurab Tsereteli, represents the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the hope for a new peaceful era. A gift from Russia to the United Nations in 1990, it celebrates its 45th anniversary its founding. View this powerful piece of sculpture and read the history behind it.

  • Andrei Biljo *

    See this electronic exhibition of over 80 pieces by this famous Russian artist and cartoonist. Andrei's biography is also available in Russian only.

  • Arina Dmitrovna Genkina

    The very talented teenager, Arina Dmitrovna Genkina, attends art school in Moscow. This online exhibition is a small sample of her work, which ranges from the fanciful to the bizarre and is full of intricate details.

  • Art Gallery "Stalker" *

    This virtual gallery shows and sells the original works of several Russian painters and consists of more than 100 examples of their work. In addition to viewing the currently represented artists, you may also find out their personal and professional history.

  • Children on the Internet--Gallery of Children's Drawings *

    Colorful artwork by Russian children of all ages is displayed in this gallery. This site is in Russian only but links to global children's drawings is provided.

  • Edward Opp's Photography from Russia *

    Gallery of award-winning images and photographs (some beautiful, some shocking and disturbing) is offered by this American photojournalist who has lived four years in Moscow working for a Russian photo agency.

  • Maria Kazanskaya *

    Maria attended the internationally renowned Moscow High School of Applied Arts in the 1980s and is now a member of the American Artists Professional League and resides in New York City. Take a moment to view her beautiful oil paintings.

  • Oleg Slepov *

    View 11 pieces of dramatic sculpture by this Moscow artist. Thanks to Yury Avrutin for putting this material together.

  • Painter-Valery Kosorukov, Russia meets the American Southwest. *

    As a professor of Fine Arts at Moscow Surikov State Art Institute for 25 years, Valery Kosorukov is known for his beautiful paintings of the Bolshoi ballet and dancers and landscapes of Russia and his new home, New Mexico.

  • Paul Gauguin and the Russian Avantgarde *

    An online viewing of all 59 paintings in the art exhibition that took place from April 1, to July 2, 1995 in Ferrara, Italy.

  • Professor Fomenko's Graphics *

    These have been inspired by topological and other mathematical topics and although they came about because of science, we have opted to list them as art because of the drama and beauty.

  • Russian Art *

    Incredible collection of Russian paintings put together by George Mitrevski of Auburn University.

  • Russian Art Gallery @ ArtLondon *

    Started by Vladimir Asriev, this site is a showcase for painters from Russia, Ukraine, and other parts of the former Soviet Union. There are lots of beautiful pictures so be patient while they download!

  • Russian Art from the Hulmer Collection *

    This collection of religious artworks dating from the 16th to the 20th century was donated to Allegheny College in Pennsylvania (USA) by Pittsburgh businessman, Eric Hulmer. Included on this site are icons, an egg attributed to Faberge, other interesting pieces of artwork, facts and resources.

  • Samson Gallery of Russian Art *

    This site contains Russian paintings by over twenty artists selected by curators and presidents of Artists' Union from various parts of Russia and by Director of Museum of Private Collections in St.Petersburg."

  • Vitali Komarov's Art *

    "An interesting collection of oil paintings in impressionistic style by the russian artist Vitali Komarov for pleasure and for sale."

  • Zachar Shapiro Gallery *

    Paintings of this multi-talented, Moscow born artist are displayed. A follower of Russian Avant-garde, Zachar's biography makes for interesting reading.

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