YA chtu cheloveka, sposobnogo ulybat'sya v bede, cherpat' sily v gore i nahodit' istochnik muzhestva v razmyshlenii. - Tomas Pejn

Edinstvennyj put' obnaruzhit' predely vozmozhnogo - ujti za eti predely, v nevozmozhnoe. - Artur CHarlz Klark

Nizhe dany resursy, pozvolyayuschie obschat'sya razlichnymi sposobami. Pozhalujsta, dajte na znat' o dopolnitel'nyh istochnikah informatsii.


  • Welcome to CHAT.RU! *

    This server hosts a Russian chat area in addition to free email and homepage resources. (In Russian only)

  • Russian Culture - Chat Room *

    Join "for for some live, and lively, conversation! " This chat room from the Mining Company allows to to ask questions, share stories and personal experiences relating many aspects of Russia. A nice way to communicate with those who share the same interests.

  • Novosti

  • alt.culture.kazakhstan *

    This newsgroup discusses the culture, history, politics, etc. of Kazakhstan.

  • k12.lang.russian *

    Practice the Russian/English languages with those who are native speakers.

  • soc.culture.russian *

    Deals with Russia-related subjects in a very broad spectrum. (Does not appear to be moderated).

  • soc.culture.russian.moderated *

    Deals with Russia cultural subjects. (This newsgroup is moderated).

  • newsguy.pub.world.europe.russia-cis.gov *

    Government news about Europe, Russia, and the CIS.

  • alt.culture.dagestan *

    This newsgroup discusses the art, history, politics, etc. of Dagestan.

  • alt.current-events.russia *

    This newsgroup deals with current happenings in Russia.

  • medlux.doc.rus *

    Legal issues and the law in Russia. (This newsgroup is moderated).

  • newsguy.pub.world.gov.summary.russian *

    Global government news in the Russian Language. (This group is moderated.)

  • Doska ob'yavlenij

  • Maine Russia Network *

    This bulletin board allows residents of Maine to discuss, inform, assist and further interest in Russia and its people.

  • Birch Empire: To the East of Freedom *

    This site provides a Russia related message board, plus news and information about Russia.

  • Friends & Partners Bulletin Board *

    Let's talk! The F&P Bulletin Board is provided for discussion of various US/Russia/NIS issues. Current discussion groups include: Travel, Culture, the Kitchen, Geneology, Life issues, the '98 winter Olympics, Funding and Exchange, and Commerce / Business / Jobs.

  • Elektronnye otkrytki

  • TSvety po as'ke *

  • Kollektsiya staryh pochtovyh otkrytok. *

  • Otkrytki po Internet *

  • Rossijskie otkrytki *

  • Virtual'nye tsvety i myzykal'nye otkrytki *

  • Virtual'nye otkrytki *

  • Virtual'nye otkrytki *

  • Virtual'nyj podarok *

  • PenPals

  • Prochee

  • Mezhdunarodnyj diskussionnyj klub *

    Eta nekommercheskaya organizatsiya byla osnovana v Rossii dlya podderzhaniya pryamyh kontaktov mezhdu molodezh'yu Rossii i drugih stran.

  • Internet PEN-Club Yaroslav's Babies *

    Developed by Novgorod State University, this penpal club unites people that would like to communicate with others worldwide. Photos, voices and text are available.

  • PenPals

    Resources dealing with PenPal services with emphasis on US/Russia and the NIS.

  • Russian Penpals *

    Joshua Davis has developed a penpal service for people anywhere that are interested in communicating in Russian or about anything Russian. There are over 60 people listed that are just waiting to hear from you!

  • SAPE (formerly "The Soviet-American Penfriend Exchange") *

    This service, in operation since 1989, has matched over 45,000 people from the USA and other countries with penpals in the fSU and the Baltic Nations. For 10 years of age and older, the purpose of this is to "foster international understanding and help people to learn about the former Soviet Union and the Baltic nations on a one-to-one basis".

  • Pozhalujsta, dajte na znat' o dopolnitel'nyh istochnikah informatsii.

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