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The following describes the various e-mail listservers supported by Friends and Partners. It is very easy to join a list. Just send an e-mail message to The body of the message should consist of one line:

(substitute the name of the list for "LISTNAME" and your first and last name for "YOURNAME")

  • FRIENDS - E-Mail discussion list for US/Russia NIS Exchange

    This list is moderated and digested - with approximately two digests sent per week (generally, the digests are 30K or less in length). You can browse and search all postings in our archives.

  • AIBEc - News for Alumni, Students and Friends of the American

    News for Alumni, Students and Friends of the American Institute of Business and Economics Moscow Created to encourage communication and networking among alumni, students and friends of the American Institute of Business and Economics, a non-commercial, not for profit, American Business School in Moscow.

  • CIVILSOC - Civil Society News and Resources for the NIS

    Civil Society news and resources for the NIS. An electronic mailing list of news and resources, electronic in print, of interest to individuals and organizations engaged in civil society , institutions, building projects in the NIS (former USSR). This list is managed by Center for Civil Society International in Seattle, Washington.

  • Russian/NIS Genealogy E-mail Listserver (FPGEN)

    This listserver is designed to disseminate information and facilitate discussion for those researching their "roots" in Russia and other NIS countries. It is provided in response to many inquiries we receive at F&P about families researching their historical roots. If this subject interests you, be sure to visit our Genealogy page in our Life section!

  • FPLEGAL - Russian Legal List Server

    A mailing list designed to help legal practitioners and scholars, as well as business men and other interested people share information concerning the new Russia, (plus CIS and US/Russian) laws and regulations.

  • FPSPACE - Friends and Partners in Space listserver

    This listserver is designed to disseminate information on the space programs of Russia and the former Soviet Union (FSU), including program history, current projects, technical specifications of space vehicles, mission descriptions, date on astronauts and cosmonauts, etc.; to improve East-West communication and foster international cooperation; and to provide a forum for discussions pertaining to the space programs of the world.

  • FPTELEC - Telecommunications Issues for Collaboration with Russia and the NIS

    Telecommunication activities for collaboration for communication with Russia and the NIS A mailing list designed to help facilitate information exchange concerning telecommunications and networking issues between the US and (or, more broadly, "the West") and Russia and the NIS.

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    Through an agreement with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Friends and Partners maintains a seven year archive, updated daily, of their popular daily news service concerning the NIS and countries of Central and Eastern Europe. You can browse the complete news summaries of each day for the last seven years and you can search the entire archive by key word. A wonderful reference tool!