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  • Academservice - Tour Intel *

    This site provides several ways to find out about 160 hotels in Russia. As an added bonus, there is brief information about many cities and traveling tips.

  • Aeroflot *

    Every year Aeroflot carries over 110 million passengers on routes with the total length exceeding one million kilometres. Aeroflot offers you the opportunity to fly to 93 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. We shall be glad to welcome you on board the planes of our air comp

  • Aeronot *

    The aviation industry's indepth WWW server covering all areas of the aviation field including research, conferences, companies and academic institutions. It also provides information on Aeroflot and diagram of the Moscow Airport .

  • Alinga Group, Inc. *

    With the mission of increasing and sharing "knowledge and experience with those seeking to understand Russia", the Alinga Group accomplishes this with "The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS)" which develops and promotes language and culture study abroad and with customized educational tours of Russia and the NIS with Alinga Tours.

  • All the Hotels in Russia *

    This bilingual site provides information on hundreds of hotels, motels, hostels and other accomadations in many cities of Russia. There is also the ability to make reservations online at some hotels and other types of interesting travel information provided.

  • Amber Tours *

    This agency arranges travel to and from Russia and around spots around the world. They are the official travel agency of the Soros International Science Foundation and provide a variety of services.

  • Discover your Siberia *

    Jack will assist you in your visit to the beautiful Lake Baikal and Irkutsk. Not only that, his website has intersting pictures and stories of previous tours of the area.

  • Diving Tourism *

    Scuba dive in Lake Ladoga and the Russian sector of the Gulf of Finland and see a variety of shipwrecks from 1128 through 1956. This new kind of tourism was initiated by the Government of the Leningrad Region.

  • IRO Travel *

    IRO Travel is an American-Russian travel agency which offers on-line applications for Russian visa support and discounted reservations in Moscow and Petersburg Hotels, in addition to other services such as on-line reservations and student travel.

  • Irkutsk Central Agency Airlines *

    This site contains much information about Irkutsk Central Agency Airlines, including news, flight schedules, special offers, and contact information.

  • Moscow Hotels at Discounted Rates Online Booking *

    Book your Moscow hotel reservation online with no extra charge for the service and receive your confirmation in 24 hours. You may even qualify for a discount!

  • Russian Travel Service *

    Full service travel agency (recommended by Conde Nast Traveler). Services include: bed and breakfast in Moscow and St. Petersburg private apartments or accommodations with Russian families; personal guides and drivers, individualized tours, interpreters; tickets for cultural programs and sporting events; transportation to and from airport or railway stations; Help in obtaining letters of invitation; travel tickets within Russia.

  • Timatic Agency *

    This Moscow travel agency coordinates international, internal and domestic travel and offers several types of discounts.

  • Tour International *

    Travel/tour agency. Trips include: sightseeing in historic centers, meeting local people and seeing life today, light walking in unspoilt areas, treks in Siberia, Siberian scuba, rafting (beginners welcome), accommodation that's typical for the area involved, biking on Olhon Island, ice biking on Baikal, etc.

  • Travel Books

    Get a listing of resources for travel books about countries in the former Soviet Union (plus the US and the rest of the world).

  • Tursan Travel *

    This New York travel agengy provides special rates from many points of USA to Kazakistan, Uzbekistan and the other Turkish republics.

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