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Translation Services

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The following represents companies and services dealing with Russian translations. If you or your firm provide such services and you are not listed here, please the link at the bottom of this page to add the appropriate information into our database.

  • East View Publications *

    The "world's largest clearinghouse for information products and services from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics". In addition to their many varied publications (on-line and off) and maps they also provide delivery and translation services.

  • Eclectic Communications Ltd. *

    This company provides technical translation, software localization, website translation and publishing and, network consulting between Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic languages. They also provide this for other European, Asian, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern and South American languages.

  • Gemini Systems Company Translation Services *

    This company, in addition to other services, provides technical translation from English and French into Russian and back. English-Bulgarian translations are also provided.

  • Online Resource Center *

    Founded in 1996, ORC provides access to the Internet network resources. Included in its many services are email, news services, WWW access through dial-up or a permanent leased line, Web hosting and support, publishing, design and translation services. This site is in Russian and English.

  • Rennert Bilingual *

    This company performs translation and interpretation for business and personal purposes. In addition, they each Russian, English and other languages in New York plus study-abroad programs.

  • Russian Word, Inc. - Translation Service *

    Since 1994, this company has assisted various government agencies, public and private companies, and individuals with professional, culturally accurate translations, interpretation, desktop publishing, language instruction, cross-cultural training, travel assistance and corporate web-sites translation and adaptation.

  • Translation of Ukrainian and English *

    Translation and interpretation by Rostyslav Tsapyak.

  • Your Russian Connection *

    This company provides comprehensive Russian translation services. A New England (USA) based foreign language consulting and management company, they have a translation branch in Moscow, Russia with all major subject areas covered.

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