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The following are resources that deal with multi-lingual translation including software (computer dictionaries and other resources related to the Russian language software), books, non-university programs and other miscellaneous products.


  • ISL Group *

    Technical Documentation Translation is available for the major platforms in Russian and Ukrainian (in addition to many other languages). Multilingual Software localization Engineering, Multimedia and Website localization, Electronics Desktop Publishing, Software Localization QA & Testing, Internationalization consulting services, and Localization technical support is also provided.

  • Lexicon Bridge Publishers *

    Multimedia and books for students of Russian language and culture. Free software samples available for downloading.

  • Import-Export Contracts in 12 Languages *

    Fairway 2.0 import-export contract creation software. Draws a perfect import-export contracts in any of 12 supported languages including English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

  • MultiLex 1.0 for Windows *

    A CD-Rom electronic version of the "New Big English/Russian Dictionary" for Windows 95' with over 250,000 entries. Translation is both ways and is user friendly.

  • OK! Software, Inc. *

    Publisher and distributor of multimedia software including CD-ROMs for Russians who want to learn the English language and vice versa.

  • Russian Software Catalog *

    ComStar provides a huge listing of Russia related software including translation and language instruction.

  • SmartLink Corp.'s Writing Tools from Russia *

    Based in the U.S., this company publishes and markets a wide variety of Russian software throughout the world some of which is translation, communication, educational and proofing programs.

  • Agama: The Russian Language Software Company *

    Agama, International is an industry leader in the development of all types of Russian language software including dictionaries, learning and reference systems, search and retrieve systems.


  • Azerbaijani - English Dictionary (Latin Script) *

    Available in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts, this 648 page dictionary contains 45,000 terms. This was compiled and edited by Professor Uruj Musayev, published by the Azerbaijan State Institute of Languages in Baku and sponsored by Exxon.

  • The Russian Language Study Bookstore: Russian Language Books In Association with Amazon.Com Books *

    Good list of books for learning the Russian language. Includes dictionaries, self-learning guides, etc. All can be ordered on-line via an agreement with


  • Liden and Denz *

    Founded in 1992, this private Russian language school in St. Petersburg, Russia is a member of the International Association of Languages Centres (IALC). In addition, they also offer evening classes in English, German, French, Finnish and other modern languages.

  • ProBa Language Centre - Teaching Russian Language to Foreigners *

    This private schools teaches the Russian language in Russia. Their site also contains an on-line instructional book and compact disk store plus a large list of books encompassing Russian for beginners, for advanced studies, for children, and an extensive collection of Russian literature and dictionaries. The site is in English, French, German.

  • Rennert Bilingual *

    This company performs translation and interpretation for business and personal purposes. In addition, they each Russian, English and other languages in New York plus study-abroad programs.

  • Russian Language Program of Concordia Language Villages *

    Lesnoe Ozero, located in Minnesota, prepares 7-18 year olds for "citizenship in our global community" by teaching the Russian language and culture during 1, 2 or 4 week summer programs.


  • Russian/(Cyrillic)/English PC Keyboard Stickers *

    This will help make typing with Cyrillic easier.

  • [English] [Russian TRANS | KOI8 | ALT | WIN | MAC | ISO5]

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