Sama po sebe zhizn' nichego ne znachit; tsena ee zavisit ot ee upotrebleniya. - ZH.-ZH. Russo

Ponyat' luchshee - eto uzhe rabotat' nad ego osuschestvleniem. - ZH. Gyujo

Zdes' privedeny istochniki, imeyuschie otnoshenie k perevodu na mnogie yazykii. Eto programmnoe obespechenie (komp'yuternye slovari i drugie istochniki po russkoyazychnym programmnym produktam), knigi, ne universitetskie programmy idrugie podobnye produkty.


  • Import-Export Contracts in 12 Languages *

    Fairway 2.0 import-export contract creation software. Draws a perfect import-export contracts in any of 12 supported languages including English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

  • OK! Software, Inc. *

    Izdatel' i distrib'yutor mul'timedijnogo programmnogo obespecheniya, vklyuchaya CD-ROM dlya teh, kto zhelaet vyuchit' anglijskij yazyk i t.d.

  • Govoryaschij elektronnyj perevodchik *

    Firma Computer Adaptions, Ltd. predstavlyaet svoyu razrabotku- govoryaschij russko-anglijskij elektronnyj perevodchik, kotoryj ispol'zuet dlya proiznosheniya anglijskih slov ne mehanicheskij, a zhivoj, chelovecheskij yazyk.

  • Katalog rossijskogo programmnogo obespecheniya *

    Kompaniya "" ComStar "" predlagaet perechen' rossijskogo programmnogo obespecheniya, vklyuchaya instruktsii po perevodu i yazyku.

  • Agama: Kompaniya, zanimayuschayasya programmnym obespecheniem na russkom yazyke *

    Eta kompaniya yavlyaetsya liderom v razvitii i razrabotke vseh vidov programmnogo obespecheniya na russkom yazyke, vklyuchaya slovari, obuchayuschie sistemy, sistemy poiska/

  • SmartLink Corp.'s Writing Tools from Russia *

    Based in the U.S., this company publishes and markets a wide variety of Russian software throughout the world some of which is translation, communication, educational and proofing programs.

  • MultiLex 1.0 for Windows *

    A CD-Rom electronic version of the "New Big English/Russian Dictionary" for Windows 95' with over 250,000 entries. Translation is both ways and is user friendly.

  • Lexicon Bridge Publishers *

    Multimedia and books for students of Russian language and culture. Free software samples available for downloading.


  • The Russian Language Study Bookstore: Russian Language Books In Association with Amazon.Com Books *

    Good list of books for learning the Russian language. Includes dictionaries, self-learning guides, etc. All can be ordered on-line via an agreement with

  • Azerbaijani - English Dictionary (Latin Script) *

    Available in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts, this 648 page dictionary contains 45,000 terms. This was compiled and edited by Professor Uruj Musayev, published by the Azerbaijan State Institute of Languages in Baku and sponsored by Exxon.


  • Izuchenie russkogo yazyka dlya inostrantsev *

    Razlichnye kursy russkogo yazyka, bol'shaya podborka russkoj literatury, mnozhestvo slovarej

  • Programma russkogo yazyka dlya uchastnikov programmy Concordia Language Villages *

    Lager' "Lesnoe Ozero" predlagaet podrostkam ot 7 do 18 let provesti odnu, dve ili chetyre nedeli v Rossii.

  • Liden and Denz *

    Founded in 1992, this private Russian language school in St. Petersburg, Russia is a member of the International Association of Languages Centres (IALC). In addition, they also offer evening classes in English, German, French, Finnish and other modern languages.

  • Rennert Bilingual *

    This company performs translation and interpretation for business and personal purposes. In addition, they each Russian, English and other languages in New York plus study-abroad programs.


  • Russian/(Cyrillic)/English PC Keyboard Stickers *

    This will help make typing with Cyrillic easier.

  • [English] [Russian TRANS | KOI8 | ALT | WIN | MAC | ISO5]

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