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This is a 'page' on which we provide a listing of jobs wanted and resumes related to work between our countries. As you can imagine, this could become a time intensive service to maintain and thus, we have had to try to devise a completely automated mechanism in which people can post their interests and their offers via email -- and requiring little or no human intervention.

Also, please visit the new (February 9, 1998) Commerce/Business/Jobs Bulletin Board for posting news, questions, resumes, etc. related to jobs and other commercial opportunities.


  • Andropov, AlexeySystem (Novel network) manager.
  • Bonsom, Laurence Program Administration
  • Brookins, Jason Harold International marketing professional working in Russia
  • Byerly, Jonathan Cornish International trade representative, translator, small business developer
  • Davis, Edward A. Sawmill improvement, Equipment analysis, & Lumber marketing
  • Dittmer, Edward P.Summer internship with a financial firm.
  • Fiske, David Brooks Computer System Administration / Computer Consulting
  • Gatt, Alasdair M CIS Advisor in Western Oilfield Exploration and Production Technology.
  • Gerard, Beth Marie Environment, Agriculture, Development, Policy analysis, Russian Politics & Economics, Privatization
  • Goldman, Daniel Philip Summer internship with a telecommunications company in the FSU.
  • JOHNSON, Daniel Matthew Entry level sales/management position
  • Associate in a Consulting Firm, Analyst in a Commercial, Invesrment Bank, or Large Corporation
  • Kachuck, David A
  • Knechtel, Charles Douglas Mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, computerized simulation. Fisheries, environmental, other problems.
  • Lanoux, Andrea Summer work in Russia: Translating/interpreting, teaching, editing.
  • Lee, John A. A business-related position involving engineering and the Russian language.
  • Lyon, Anthony L. UNIX/Internet Admin Position Wanted
  • McClelland, Bruce A. Summer Position: Internet Trainer; Electronic Publishing/Imaging Design/Implementation
  • Modra, Brian Lionel GUI/Client-server/Database Software Engineer
  • Moors, Kent F. Business, Academic, or Media Representation/Development--Russia
  • Moors, Marina N. Business, Academic, or Media Representation/Development in Russia
  • Mydzian, Robert Steven Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer with MBA desires Management/Liaison position
  • Nordin, Richard James Country Manager for western firm in Russia.
  • Pottle, Gregory M. consultant for U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
  • Price, Bill RUSSIA - Marketing representative for real estate and consumer products
  • Raley, Alex Hart Internet development or a network administrator position.
  • Shepelev, Sergei S Russian <-> English Technical Translator
  • Smith, April Renee Interested in working in Prague, teaching or implementing computer systems.
  • Stepanov, Yuri Vladimirovitch interpreter/translator (English), computer specialist
  • Storbeck, John Russell Russian > English technical translation
  • Vorobiev, Alex interpreter and/or computer consultant, other
  • Wilson, Scott Francis. Business, academic, media, NGO position in Russia, preferably St. Petersburg.

    Application form

    To post your information to this new service, please use the following instructions:

    1. Send your email message to autopost@solar.ncsa.uiuc.edu.

    2. The subject of your email message must be one of the following:

      • new resume
      • replace resume
      • delete resume

      A subject other one these three will, unfortunately, result in your mail being returned to you.

    3. Please use the following form for posting your information. Please copy this form and use it exactly as is, providing your information directly underneath each of the lines provided below.

      Name: (last, first middle)

      Expiration Date: (when resume should be deleted)

      Brief description of position wanted: (10 words or less)

      Longer description of position wanted: (as long as you wish)


    4. Please make sure that your name is entered last, first middle.

    5. As soon as your information is received (if the subject line is correct and if the form provided is correct) it will immediately be posted to the server.

    6. If you later decide you would like to change something about your resume, just send a new form to autopost@solar.ncsa.uiuc.edu with the subject replace resume. (You will have to send this from the same email account from which you posted your original resume.)

    7. Finally, if you wish to delete your resume, please send an email message to autopost@solar.ncsa.uiuc.edu with the subject line delete resume and your name. For example:

      Subject: delete resume

      Name: (last, first middle)

      Doe, John

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