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Immigration and Legal Services

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The following resources deal with Russiam immigration and legal issues.

  • Abrams & Krochak *

    Located in Toronto, Canada, this immigration law firm deals assists individuals worldwide to visit, work and study in, immigrate to and settle in Canada with associate offices in the US, they offer online consultations (free) and services in several languages and provide a Russian language section.

  • Immigration Resources *

    Although all of these are not commercial, dozens of resources are provided for those interested in immigrating.

  • Kathy's Green Card Lottery Center *

    This company helps people to immigrate to the US's in the yearly green card lottery.

  • Law Offices of Myroslaw Smorodsky, Esq. *

    Located in New Jersey, this lawyer's activities with Ukraine include the professional representation of individual and business clients and a number of business and professional community activities in relation to the emerging former Soviet Union country. (Also in Ukranian)

  • Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler LLP. *

    Attractive web site describes services offered by this legal firm. Focus on commercial, not-for-profit and humanitarian issues. This site also contains archived issues of their acclaimed "CIS LawNotes", a quarterly journal with articles about legal developments in the region.

  • Siskind, Susser , Haas & Chang - Immigration Law *

    Lawyers with offices throughout the U.S and Canada whose expertise is in Immigration and Nationality Law. In addition to lots of important information, Siskind has put together a free monthly immigration bulletin and has posted information about temporary visas, green cards, international adoptions plus more.

  • Spring, Spring & Associates, P.A. *

    With offices in Pensacola, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana, this firm not only provides legal services in areas such as immigration, but also highly specialized security services and products, primarily in the United States and Russia. Legal database resources for both countries and other Russia-related links are also listed.

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