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The following resources offer consulting services related to work between U.S. and Russia/NIS.

  • Caribbean Bank of Commerce Ltd. *

    Specializing in Russian Clients and fluent in both Russian and English, this is a full service off shore bank which provides corporate and individual financial services.

  • Moscow Information Agency *

    Financial information, consulting services, a lot of links on websites of Russian and foreign banks and stock exchange are contained on this site thtat is in Russian only.

  • Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler LLP. *

    Attractive web site describes services offered by this legal firm. Focus on commercial, not-for-profit and humanitarian issues. This site also contains archived issues of their acclaimed "CIS LawNotes", a quarterly journal with articles about legal developments in the region.

  • International Small Business Consortium (ISBC) *

    ISBC has the mission of creating and providing an international infrastructure for small businesses as the world moves towards a "borderless international economy". ISBC was formed so that people with Internet (or at least e-mail) access could use their expertise to provide a service to those businesses that do not have Internet access.

  • Okno Group Home Page *

    This consulting group provides information on business, economics and trading in Russia, other countries of the former Soviet Union ,and Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, they offer the "East/West Letter", a bimonthly journal dealing with the analysis of economic and policy issues in these countries plus other business related information.

  • Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers *

    This site offers the economic and trade consulting services of Dr. Petrus Johannes van de Waal Palms and the The Palms Portal. In addition, there is an extremely large amount of articles and information on education, employment, political matters, economics and more in Russia and the NIS.

  • Samovar Internet Consulting, LLC *

    "An American company which provides a full range of Internet/intranet solutions, World Wide Web publishing, and other office technology consulting services in Moscow and throughout the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union (NIS)."

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