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Below we have listed commercial resources that provide Russia/NIS related books, music and videos for all ages and interests.


  • Access Russia & Central Europe, and Russian Life Magazine *

    The Russian Information Services Publications home page, features (1) "Access Russia & Central Europe", an on-line catalog of over 300 publications and products related to travel and doing business in Russia, the FSU and Central Europe, (2) "Russian Life" magazine, information about and excerpts from the leading magazine of Russian culture, history, business and travel and, (3) "Russia Review" magazine, distributed in the US by RIS and a definitive source of business in Russia today.

  • *

    Welcome to the American on-line store of Russian books, music and video! Here you'll find more then 6000 items of books and more then 1000 videos.

  • Books of Russia *

    This online bookstore in St. Petersburg offers Russian books and CDs worldwide. Cyrillic is needed to explore this site.

  • *

    If you are want the best price for buying a book online, use this search service. It accesses over 40 online companies worldwide and compares prices for almost any book you could want (including those not written in English). A search on the keyword "Russia" brought up over 2,100 titles!

  • East View Publications *

    The "world's largest clearinghouse for information products and services from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics". In addition to their many varied publications (on-line and off) and maps they also provide delivery and translation services.

  • Europe Printing Establishment *

    Offers the following Russian reprints from stock: Academic reprints, Slavica reprints, Russian reprint series, Slavistic printings and reprintings.

  • Jewish Books in Russian *

    Buy Jewish literature in the Russian language via the Internet. Misha Cherniak offers prose and poetry; modern academic research; historical literature; religious literature (Torah, Talmud, Mishna, philosophy, prayer books); varied materials on how to conduct the Jewish home (kashrut, kitchen, Jewish traditions) and much more. This site is in Russian only.

  • Moscow Madness: Crime, Corruption and One Man's Pursuit of Profit in the New Russia *

    Written by Timothy Harper, this book is about the ups and downs experienced by Rick Grajirena, an entrepreneur, while doing business in Russia during the 1990s.

  • Panorama *

    "Panorama of Russia specializes in non-fiction, predominantly reference publications from the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States. These include books, periodicals, manuscripts, and electronic products from academic and commercial publishers."

  • Partners on the Frontier: The Future of U.S.-Russian Cooperation in Science andTechnology *

    This 38 page publication from the National Press covers a 1997 workshop given by the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. This publication provides an abundance of important information on the future of this growing subject and may be read online or ordered for a minimal charge.

  • Russia *

    Very good list of Russian-related books from SCRY, a consortium of publishers in various fields, all shipping from a common warehouse in North Stratford, New Hampshire.

  • Russian Books on Tape *

    This page describes where to find particular Russian books on tape in the United States.

  • Russian Children's Books *

    Offers on-line ordering of Russian children's books written by Tolstoy, Chekov and various other authors.

  • Russian Reflections - A Virtual Tour of Russia *

    Over 2 dozen beautiful photographs taken by Rick Furmanek, author of Stranded in Moscow are available online with the opportunity to purchase a CD-ROM with hundreds more.

  • Schoenhof's Foreign Books, Inc. *

    The largest foreign language bookstore in the U.S., Schoenhof's offers a variety of books, including children's, dictionaries and textbooks, in over 285 languages and dialects. With people in St. Petersburg obtaining books, this has one of the best selections of Russian books nationally.

  • Slavica Publishers, Inc. *

    Scholarly books and textbooks on the languages, peoples, literatures, cultures, history, etc. of the former USSR and Eastern Europe.

  • The Architecture of Altai *

    This book, in Russian only, covers the architecture of the Altai region from the 1800's to the early 20th century. (However, the site about the book is in English also.)

  • The Russian Language Study Bookstore: Russian Language Books In Association with Amazon.Com Books *

    Good list of books for learning the Russian language. Includes dictionaries, self-learning guides, etc. All can be ordered on-line via an agreement with

  • White Nights Bookstore *

    The Russian language only site for this bookstore located in the New York offers over 1,500 books in stock with secure online ordering.

  • *

    This popular online bookstore offers hundreds of books related to Russia or by Russian authors. Just use the word "Russia" in their books search and then browse through all the results.

  • - Russia Guides *

    Many guidebooks are available about Russia as a whole, St. Petersburg and Moscow. They cover all aspects of travel including etiquette and customs, experiences, lodging and dining, history and much more.

  • Music & Videos

  • From Russia With Art *

    A database of over 600 modern Russian artists and their works encompassing fields such as music, fine arts, 'Net art , fashion, societies and more. There is also a CD shop. (In Russian and English with an alternate site.)

  • International Historic Films, Inc. *

    This company's official webpage offers over 400 original newsreels, documentaries and feature films for purchase including Russian/Soviet aviation, space exploration and documentaries plus American, British and other fascinating categories. Brief descriptions of all films are supplied.

  • Musica Russica *

    Everything related to Russian choral music including CDs, sheet music books, monuments - even diction tapes so that native Russian singers can be imitated!

  • Nordic Downloadable Music Site *

    Buy The Don Cossack Choir's music online (look under the "World" section), download it immediately and listen to traditional Russian Favorites! This downloadable music site has a MPEG Music Archive, free mpeg audio players, online radio, vinyl database, music links, web rings and online T-Shirt gallery.

  • RBC Video Inc. *

    As the "largest Russian Music Store in America, they also have a large selection of videos. They also have an office in Moscow.

  • Siberian Wild Goods *

    A wide variety of hand crafted objects with materials collected in Siberia, the Russian Far East and parts of Moscow and Western Russia include nesting dolls, contemporary icons, lacquer boxes, CD-Roms, plus more.

  • St. Petersburg Classics *

    Mazur Media offers varied musical resources of the former Soviet Union including those previously banned. A full list of CDs are offered including their contents and the ability to listen to a selection.

  • The Philharmonic Society's Chamber Chorus *

    Information about this award winning chamber chorus from Gomel, Belarus is provided along with an opportunity to order their works.

  • Thoma Compugraphics' Russian Publications *

    As a selling agent for TechnoInfo, a classical music publisher in Moscow, they sell Russian editions of Debussy and Scriabin, have a notograph on Russian Orthodox choral music and a large monograph on the history of Russian music in the 20th century.

  • Visiting Russia Through Music *

    HCM Systems has prepared a listing of widely varied recordings that are either Russian in origin or otherwise related to the country.

  • Visiting Russia Through The Movies *

    HCM Systems has also put together a list of a wide variety of videos available for sale that will familiarize you with some aspect of Russia.

  • Music - Russia *

    A listing of 50 of's most popular and varied recordings are available plus that of other Eastern Europe countries.

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