Upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends. - Benjamin Disraeli 1804-1881
The Next Generation

The child must know that he is miracle; that since the beginning of the world there hasnt been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him. - Pablo Casals

We wish to provide here a number of information and communication services designed to encourage exchange between young people in our countries. We have a very minimal set of resources listed below and hope to add to that based upon your comments and suggestions.

  • Children on the Internet--Gallery of Children's Drawings *

    Colorful artwork by Russian children of all ages is displayed in this gallery. This site is in Russian only but links to global children's drawings is provided.

  • English for Little Ones *

    "English for Little Ones", is an experiment in using new technology to present traditional educational materials.

  • Fairy Tale Foundation *

    The Fairy Tale Foundation is holding a contest for the best fairy tale written by a child. The winning entries are regularly published on this site.

  • Kid's page *

    This page is for children and created by children. It contains children's drawings, stories, math problems and so on.

  • Moscow Children's Theater of Musical Art *

    Founded in 1989, this theater enables more then 100 children to take music courses free of charge and to participate in musical programs and perfomances at the same time. They also have an advanced performing children's ballet group where the members perform modern dance on stage but receive lessons in classical ballet. These groups have also performed on television.

  • PenPals

    Resources dealing with PenPal services with emphasis on US/Russia and the NIS.

  • Project Harmony, Inc. *

    A not-for-profit cultural and educational exchange organization which develops and supports a wide variety of elementary, secondary, university level and professional exchange programs between the USA, Central Europe, the Baltics and NIS. Their Internet School Linkage Program, which matches US high schools with schools in the NIS, is described along with their other programs and accomplishments.

  • Redfrog - The Children's Art Gallery *

    This experimental gallery project, part of the Friendship Ring, offers free exhibition space to children from all over the world who want to exhibit their artwork. Drawings are searchable by name, age, country, subject, school, teacher, project or year.

  • Russian Children's Books *

    Offers on-line ordering of Russian children's books written by Tolstoy, Chekov and various other authors.

  • Students from the Chita Region of Russia Are Looking for Pen Pals *

    The title of this page pretty much explains what this site is about! These students are from Siberia and would love to share information. Names and postal addresses are given for those who would like to find out more about life in this area.

  • The CIA Kids Page *

    Lots of information for fun and for learning are provided by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Geography, history, disguises and the Canine Corps used by the agency are just a few of the areas covered.

  • The Moscow Children's Computer Club (MCCC) *

    Formed during the first days of Glasnost to educate Russia's children in computing, this site provides lots of great projects by and for children!

  • White House for Kids *

    Includes a pointer to a newsletter entitled, "Inside the White House." "This newsletter is designed to keep you informed about some of the important issues being discussed in Washington, D.C., both at the White House and on Capitol Hill."

  • Youth For Understanding *

    Youth For Understanding (YFU) International Exchange offers summer and year study abroad programs to Russia (and 30 other countries) for US high school students. There are also opportunities for US families to host Russian students.

  • Youth on the Internet

    A collection of Internet servers devoted to and in many cases, created by young people in our countries.

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    Take a walk about Penza. . .



    . . with your guides Alexey Tikhonov and Roman Felixov who have put together a nice web site entitled "Penza - Some Pages of Russian History" -- introducing visitors to their home city.