The burnt child shuns the fire until the next day. - Mark Twain

American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver's license age than at voting age. - Marshall

We have listed an interesting assortment of resources that reflect young people on the Internet - especially in Russia, other fSU countries and the United States

  • Boy Scout Troop 427, Multnomah, Oregon *

    This troop, located in southwest Portland, Oregon was begun in 1995. View some of their pictures from their two-week international exchange with 30 Russian cadets in Magadan, Russia.

  • KamKids Creative Kids in Kamchatka Home Page *

    Comprised of 5th and 11th grade students from the Far East Russian penninsula of Kamchatka, these students have invited all to join them to become International Classmates. Their teacher, Jon Lauritzen from Minnesota and taught the English language and coordinated this Internet Project. The results are well worth the visit.

  • Student's Science Laboratory *

    Bringing together groups of teachers, scientists and students to create an "intellectual medium for the gifted students who have "philosophical" mentality and are predisposed to the scientific research activity"Students' Science Laboratory" is the purpose of this nongovernmental, educational organization.

  • UNICEF: Voices of Youth *

    This wonderful service, provided by the United Nations Children's Fund, gives children from all over the world the chance to meet and discuss different topics that are so important to them including Children and Work, The Girl Child, Children and War, Children's Rights, and Cities and Children. There is also a section for activities for children and for teachers.

  • The Edutainment Page *

    On the GlasNet WWW server in Moscow is designed to help Russian school students in their first exploration of the Web. It contains a few papers from a school newsletter published in Moscow school No. 728, some poetry written by a 7th grader from Kirov, links to the Web servers around the world that may be of interest to the kids. There are many pictures and, of course, all the texts are in Russian.

  • International Discussion Club - Moscow *

    This non-governmental, non-partisan organization was developed by the Russians with the purpose of promoting direct contacts between their young people and those in other countries. This initiative began in 1989 and was one of the first independent organizations taking a stand against the Iron Curtain.

  • PenPals

    Resources dealing with PenPal services with emphasis on US/Russia and the NIS.

  • The Part Time Astronaut - Arty *

    This site is full of animation, art, activities, games, and information with everything from an orbiting model of our solar system to animated images of all nine planets. Note: The site uses the Shockwave Flash 3 plug-in, (included with the latest versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers), is about one meg total download to view, and in English only.

  • Grade Schools In Russia/NIS

  • [English] [Russian TRANS | KOI8 | ALT | WIN | MAC | ISO5]

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    We are glad that Deanne Merrill and Donn Davy continue to share with us some of their Russian liturgical and folk music on the Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus site on F&P. Drop in and listen to their music; learn more about their Chorus (from the San Francisco Bay area) and join their mailing list.