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The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page. - St.Auqustine

There are increasing travel opportunities between our countries. We would like to maintain information on the 'how to' element of travel to/from Romania nd the U.S., recognizing the increasing travel opportunities between our countries, as well as information describing interesting tourist destinations, popular cultural attractions, maps, lodging recommendations, trip 'write-ups', etc. Perhaps commercial travel agencies could provide information here to assist in making accommodations, planning itineraries, etc.

Travel Accomodations

Hotel Inter-Continental Bucharest *

Located in the center of the financial, business and shopping districts and an email address to make a reservation!

Lebada Hotel, Bucharest *

"Arranged in a former princely palace from the 18th century, the newly refurbished complex preserves the old times atmosphere in perfect harmony with later additions."

Travel Agencies and Tourist Offices

EnduRoMania *

Tour Romania by motorcycle!

Global Travel *

This agency, located in Timisoara, will help you plan many of the details of your business or pleasure travel.

Nord Est Tours *

Travel to the Carpathian mountains, monasteries, resorts & spas and, of course, Dracula - the history and fiction.

Travel Reports and Experiences

Hull University Speleological Society (HUSS) Expedition to Romania *

This caving expedition to some of Romania's 11,000 documented caves proves fascinating reading and viewing.

Travel Tips and Information

Romana pentru calatori (English) *

Learn some basic phrases for travelling in Romania!

Romanian Diplomatic Facilities *

This is directory provided by the Romanian embassy, divided by category, of contact information for the embassies, permanent missions, consulates and cultural centers of Romania throughout the world.

The Embassy of Romania Consular Services *

This site will give you information about visas, passports and other Romanian Consulate services in English.

The Globe Corner Bookstore - Romania *

This bookstore has a selection of books and maps for the world travelers, divided by country including a great selection for those planning on visiting Romania.

Welcome to Vrancea County *

"Vrancea county, loaded with history and legend, blending together the memory of the past and the present, is situated at the South-Est of Romania ."

Tourism - Research Institute for Informatics *

General information on where to go in Romania.

Transportation and Maps

Air Tracia *

This ambitious airline company in Cluj-Napoca, founded in October 1994, is a sales agent for all major airlines in Bucharest, deals in cargo shipping and charters, is organizing as a travel agent and has many other plans for expansion.

Concernul ATLAS *

Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges Cluj (D.R.D.P.) *

The National Administration of Roads' main activities are in roads and bridges management with D.R.D.P. maintaining 2324 km of national roads in 7 of the in north-west of Romania.

Other Travel Resources

Embassy of Romania, Washington D.C. *

This fact filled site provides information on the embassy itself and its services, tourism, trade and business, culture, history and Romania on the Internet. Their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is also well worth the reading.

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