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Below we provide information on telecommunications issues and particularly to those related to exchange and collaboration with Romania.

Romanian Internet Directory - Internet Service Providers *

Provides various internet service providers in Romania.

Telerom Proiect *

The National Institute for Design in Telecommunications in Bucharest offers a wide variety of services for communications including telephone and radio network design and computer services such as software development and desktop publishing.

IBM Romania *

IBM opened its Romanian headquarters during late 1995 in Bucharest.

Parrot Invent SRL *

This company develops systems for electrical power generation, conversion, testing and measurement equipment .

SINTEC, Ltd. *

Combines research, design and software development with systems integration, hardware support and is also an Internet Service Provider.

Avatti Electronics *

Seltron CATV *

This firm provides cable television to well over 50,000 subsribers and are working to diversify into offering access to the Internet and the telephone.

ROKnet *

An Internet provider based in Bucharest.

Computers and Automatics Company - CIA *

This Romanian and French venture offer services in software development, network development, and custom enterprise solutions that often consist of training on particular systems.

SINTEZIS Home Page *

disabled - no dns

welcome to starnets *

InterComp is a commercial Internet Service provider. On this Web Server you can find information about Online Services and business oportunities in Romania.

NewLine Software *

This company is a developer of software and also links to a price list of computers and accessories on the Romanian market.

BITNET - Research Centre on Sensors & Systems Ltd. *

This independent organization in Cluj performs contracted RTD activities in areas such as sensor applications, metadata systems, and technology transfer related activities.

Radiotel *

The first comapny to provide in paging in Romania, along with conventional radio systems and internet hosting.

A&H online *

Founded in 1995, this company provides "services through and by computers" including desktop publishing, Intranet and Internet programming, translations, web design and database development.

ELIA s.a. GALATI - Romania *

This Internet provider based in Galati offers of number of different services including access, design and hosting.

Adcon Telemetry, Inc. *

This international company develops and sells a variety of products for wireless data communication, including remote monitoring systems to a wide range of environmental and industrial applications and PC software.

Geo Strategies SA, Romania *

Newly established in 1993, this company provides a full range of geographic data services including surveying, photogrammetry, digitizing, DTM, software development, consulting plus much more.

Rokura Ltd. *

This firm deals in communications, development, trade and design. (This site is under heavy construction at this time.)

Romania Express *

This Internet provider has been offering a broad range of services to Cluj-Napoca since 1995. (This site is in Hungarian and Romanian also.)

Computer Communication and Training Center, Cluj, Romania *

CCTC provides Internet services, training, software development, publishing and a computer club to those in the Cluj area.

Talmann.CC Home Page *

Your access to aйVirtual Web Presence without the need of a Dedicated Web Server. Talmann.CC specializes in providing high-performance, top-quality Internet host services. We focus on running our systems reliably so you can concentrate on y

Blue Byte Co Ltd. *

This computer company provides an array of products and services including software. (In Romanian only).

Communications Publishing Group - IDG Romania *

CPG is the Romanian licenseee of IDG and the online of PC World Romania, Computerworld Romania and Telecom Romania. (The new English version is currently under construction)

Telecom Romania *

Read about telecommunications with this online magazine. (Currently in Romanian but under construction in English).

Road network: Total length: 72,816 of which 14,683 km trunk motorways (4,508 km European motorways) and 53,133 km county and commune roads.

Railway network: Total length: 22,367 km of which 16,542 simple track and 5,825 double track. Electrified route 8,643 km.

Inland waterways: Total length: 1,690 km of which 1,075 km on the international navigable Danube, 524 on the navigable arms of the Danube, 91 km on man-made navigable routes (the Bega, Danube- Black Sea canals).

Air network: 17 airports of which 4 for domestic and international flights, and 13 for domestic flights only. The company TAROM SA (the main supplier of air transportation services) secures regular flights to 34 big cities and capitals of the world. Underground network (in Bucharest): Total length: 59.2 km. There are main tracks and 40 stations.


Towns Inhabitants
Bucharest (the capital of Romania) 2,066723
Constanta 348,985
Iasi 337,643
Timisoara 325,359
Galati 324,234
Brasov 324,104
Cluj-Napoca 321,850
Craiova 303,033
Ploiesti 254,304
Braila 236,344
Oradea 221,559
Arad 188,609
Pitesti 182,931
Sibiu 168,619
Targu Mures 166,502
Baia Mare 150,048
Suceava 116,232

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