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Быть человеком - значит не только обладать знаниями, но и делать для будущих поколений то, что предшествовавшие делали для нас. - Г. Лихтенберг

A variety of resources about scientific programs, resources, institutions, publications, databases, conferences, and funding and exchange opportunities.


Romanian Academy *

Reborn in 1990, the Romanian Academy is one of the country's most respected national institutions of higher learning. An additional site can also be found at

The "Dr.Moshe Carmilly" Institute for Hebrew and Jewish History *

Founded in 1990, this institute is restoring Hebrew and Jewish studies and research to the area after so many years of forced silence.


The 'Octavian Goga' Cluj County Library *

This library, established in 1951, has over 577,000 cataloged items.

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