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A list of all organizations operating in Romania, includes religious, NGOs and others.


ACTA Society Club & Heart Institute Cluj *

ACTA is a nonpolitical, nonprofit and independent NGO whose present project refers to the repopulation of an abandoned rural area in Sibiu county.

ASKESIS Foundation *

A non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage and promote the art based on the principle of real knowledge of the human being.

CDIMM - The Center for Development of Small & Medium Companies DOLJ *

The CDIMM Dolj Foundation is non-profit, non-political, non-governmental association that aids in the development of private sector, small and medium enterprises, at the local level.

Citizen's Democracy Corp, Inc. - Romania (CDC) *

Funded by USAID, CDC encourages and facilitates voluntary assistance from the U.S. private sector to support the transition to democracy and free markets in the countries of the region.

Health Environmental Regional Organisation - Hero *

Founded in 1994, Hero is an environmental protection organization that is multidisciplinary professional, apolitical and non-profit.

IBO** Umanconstruct *

A voluntary association which constructs or renovates buildings for humanity, cultural and educational purposes.

Information Technology & Communication (IT&C) Association of Romania *

The Information Technology & Communication (IT&C) Association of Romania is a non-governmental, non-profit, professional organization made up of individuals and related organizations. (This site is also available in Romanian and Text-only.)

Medecins Sans Frontieres *

This private, non-profit, international humanitarian organization is made up of many volunteers whose objective is to provide aid to populations in crisis. One ongoing project is The Gypsy Programme (http://www.soroscj.ro/cctc/NGOs/med-sans-fr/msfinrom.htm).

RoEduNet *

The up and coming site of the provider for academic, research, cultural and nonprofit institutions.

Soros Foundation for an Open Society - Romania *

"The goal of the foundation network is to promote an open society." This is done with a multitude of programs which all aim at bringing the world together and reducing ignorance of other cultures.

The Centre for Development in Management *

Affiliated with Roffey Park Management Institute in Great Britain, this non-profit foundation supports and assists the local businesses by a variety of methods.

The European Students Association (AEGEE) *

AEGEE is an apolitical, nonprofit, nonreligious organization that, among other things, promotes European co-operation among students, student mobility and tolerance an mutual understanding.

The Foundation of Relief of Romanian Infantile AIDS *

This foundation was founded in Japan by Dr. Michio Tani in 1992 after he became aware of the Romanian orphans infected with AIDs. Supporters of this foundation provide the financial resources to procure the medicines required for their therapy.

The Group for Social Dialogue *

The Group for Social Dialogue (GDS) was established as the initiative of a group of intellectuals who express their opinions on all political, social, economic and cultural events that have occurred in the country's history. This site is also available in Romanian at http://www.kappa.ro/clients/gds/index.html.

The Happy Home (Caminul Felix) *

Lars Hornberg and his wife began this orphanage with the backing of many generous people including the Queen of Sweden, the Mayor in Oradea, and the Second Baptist Church in Oradea.

UNITER (Theater Union of Romania) *

The Theater Union of Romania was founded in 1990 to represent the interests of the theater industry. (Also in Romanian)

World Vision Romania *

This organization is "Building a Better Tomorrow for Today's Children" with their many programs for the welfare and future of the children.

Religious organizations


ACTA Society Club & Heart Institute Cluj *

ACTA is a nonpolitical, nonprofit and independent NGO whose present project refers to the repopulation of an abandoned rural area in Sibiu county.

Clubul de Cicloturism NAPOCA *

This nongovernmental, independent, apolitical and non-profit youth organization promotes cyclotourism, mountain biking and other alpine sports such as climbing, caving, skiing. Also important to the organization is environmental protection, mountain area research and the promotion of sustainable development.

DX Club Timisoara *

This radio-amateur association was founded in 1993 by enthusiasts from Timisoara.

The Rotary Club - Cluj-Napoca, Romania *

Originally founded in 1935, the club activities include providing assistance and care for physically handicapped and abandoned children and elderly of Romania.

Other organizations

Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks - OSIM *

This government body provides the protection of industrial property within Romania.

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