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There are many, many areas in which contributions can be made to this effort. The following is a very preliminary listing -- just to get some ideas started. . . .


  • people willing to help provide translation services
  • people willing to contribute and maintain ftp archives of appropriate information -- software, fonts, text material, etc.
  • people willing to develop information on Romanian diet, cuisine, recipes, etc.
  • people willing to gather and supply information about funding opportunities, grants, travel, exchange programs, meetings, conferences, etc.
  • people willing to gather and post news items of interest to China
  • people willing to develop, coordinate, or contribute to the following servers:
    • Romanian History
    • Romanian Art
    • Romanian Music
    • Romanian Literature
    • American History
    • American Art
    • American Music
    • American Literature
  • people willing to develop or contribute to supply of financial and economic information (exchange rates, supply of economic rates and indicators, archives of information about conducting business in other countries (rules, regulations, suggestions, etc.))
  • people willing to develop a section on the educational systems
  • people willing to develop instructional material on the Romanian and English languages -- including supply of text, graphics, audio, and the design of interactive learning exhibits
  • people willing to write about major research initiatives, scientific resources in both countries, 'success stories' about joint endeavors
  • people willing to supply good graphic images for the server
  • people willing to supply scanned and original photographs and slides for inclusion in server
  • people willing to contribute to technical aspects of the server's development. This could include:
    • design and creation of forms-based applications
    • development of interfaces with unix-script processing
    • SGML system design
    • custom wais parse format
    • gateway design -- httpd server - USENET groups; email interface to www server material; email interface to WAIS searches
  • people willing to help with press releases and production of promotional materials
  • people willing to contribute material on travel and tourism industry (perhaps a travel agency 'partner'?)
  • people willing to help coordinate elementary and secondary education programs ('pen pal' programs, exchange programs, travel programs, etc.)
  • people willing to contribute stories and information on cultural topics -- celebration of holidays, "a day in the life of " a citizen of Romania (or America or Russia or . .), etc.
  • people willing to provide copy-editing / transcription / editing services
  • people willing to contribute information on geography and environmental issues
  • people in various cities of Romania willing to post daily weather conditions and forecast information
  • people willing to write political and economic commentary about both countries

Please help us add to this initial list! Please send email to:

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