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The following points to resources dealing with the geography of Romania.

Virtual Tour of Romania, Friends and Partners

A "virtual tour" of the country of Romania - by county.

Position: in the geographic centre of the European continent.
Coordinates: 43 37'07" and 48 15'06" North latitude, 20 15'44" and 29 41'24" East longitude.
Boundaries: in the east, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, the Black Sea; in the south, Bulgaria; in the south and southwest Yugoslavia, in the west, Hungary; in the north Ukraine. Border length: 3190.3 km.

Area: 238,391 sq km (12th position in Europe). Physical features: mountains (31%), hills and plateaus (33%), plains (36%).

Mountains: The Romanian Carpathians: Eastern Carpathians (between the northern boundary and the Prahova Valley), maximum altitude in the Rodna Mts-Pietrosu Peak (2,303 m); the Southern Carpathians (between the Prahova Valley and the Timis-Cerna-BistraStrei corridors), maximum altitude in the Fagaras Mts-Moldoveanu Peak (2,543 m); Western Carpathians (between the southern Danube Valley and the Somes Valley, in the north), max. altitude in the Apuseni Mts-Curcubata Mare Peak (1,849 m).
Hills and plateaus: Within the Carpathian arch, the Transylvanian plateau (400-700 m of altitude). In the NW, the Somes Plateau. In the E the Moldavian Plateau, and in the SE, the Dobrujan Plateau.
Plains: The most important, the Plain of the Lower Danube (the Romanian Plain), the country's breadbasket.

The Danube Delta: Situated in the N of the Dobrujan Plateau, the youngest physical feature in Romania. On Romanian territory it stretches on 4,340 sq km, of which 78% submerged. It has three arms, flowing into the Danube: Chilia, Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe.


The Danube River: In the S of the country, length 1,075 km (out of the total 2,850 km from its source to its flowing into the sea).
Other rivers: Mures (768 km), Olt (736 km), Prut (716 km), Siret (596 km), Ialomita (410 km), Somes (388 km) Arges (344 kin), Jiu (331 km), Buzau (324 km), Bistrita (290 km) etc.
Lakes: Approx. 2,300 lakes and over 1,150 ponds (2,620 sq km). The best known are Razelm (415 sq km), Sinoe (171 sq km), Brates (21 sq km), Tasaul (20 sq km), Techirghiol (12 sq km), and Snagov (58 sq km).


Number: 22,788,993 inhabitants (January 7th, 1992).
Density: 95.7 inhabitants per sq km. (Romanians, outside the boundaries, approx. 9 million. In Europe, in the Republic of Moldova, approx. 4 million, in Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Albania, approx. 2 mil. In the United States of America and Canada, over 2 mil. Others in South America, South Africa, and Australia).

Distribution by age groups: 0-14 years - 22.7%, 15-18 years - 7.4%, 20-34 years- 22.3%, 35-54 years - 25.3%, 55-64 years - 11.4%, 70-79 years 6.4%, over 80 years - 4.5%. -- Men/Women: 49.1%/50.9%
-- Rural/Urban: 54.3%/45.7%

Statistic data on Romania's population
(the census from 1992):
Total population: 22,760,449 from which romanians 20, 352,980, (including macedonian romanians 21,089 and macedoromans 6,999), magyars 1,620, 199 (including szeklers 831), gipsies 409,723, germans 119,436 (including saxons of Transylvania 1,843 and swabians 6,292), ukrainians 66,833 (including carpatho-russians 350), lippovan russians 38,688, turks 29,533, serbians 29,080, tatars 24,649, slovakians 20,672, bulgarians 9,935, jews 9,107, croats 4,180, czechs 5,800, poles 4,247, greeks 3,897, armenians 2,023, other nationalities 8,420 (carassovenians 2,775 and csangoes 2,165), undeclared ethnical origin 1,047.

Life expectancy: men 66.5 years, women 73.2 years.

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