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A variety of Internet accessible resources about enviromental programs, and other information related to enviromental issues.

Health Environmental Regional Organisation - Hero *

Founded in 1994, Hero is an environmental protection organization that is multidisciplinary professional, apolitical and non-profit.

The Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environment protection was established in 1990 and received attributions and responsabilities regarding the monitoring of environment factors and the promotion of strict measures of environment protection, as well as the representation of the Romanian Government in the relations with specialized internaional bodies.

Among other attributions there are the promotion and coordination of certain priority research programmes in the field of environment protection and water and forest man- agement.
The Ministry controls 41 territorial Agencies of Environment Protection, local authorities that apply the policy and strategy regarding the environment on a local scale, and the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration.
A programme of strategies and measures had been promoted regarding water and forest management and environment protection.
The shaping of the main lines of action for environment protection was based on a detailed analysis of the state of the environment in Romania, up to now contained in two documents: the National Report Regarding Environment and Development (UNCED) and the Environment Strategy of Romania, prepared in cooperation with a large number of international organizations, such as the World Bank, the European Community, the European Bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
The strategy of forestry is based on the documents of the Helsinki Conference on the protection of European forests. The volume of timber cut has been limited to 15 million cubic meters (539,216,749 cu ft), the amount that represents the capacity of the forests established by forestry works.
In accordance with the objectives included in the strategy, there have been identified 14 "hot zones" and steps were taken (some of them with external help) for the prevention and reduction of pollution. Beside local investments or those from the state budget allocated for these zones, there have been offered supplementary financial resources by the Ministry of the Environment, amounting to approximately Lei 2,000 million, for the acceleration of the solving of some cases of serious pollution.
There were applied the provisions of the law regarding the protection of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. These regulate approximately 600, 000 hectares (1,482,660 acres) of the Danube Delta and the surrounding zones.
For the fulfillment of the nuclear responsibilities, there has been elaborated the draft of a new bill regarding the control of activities. The fulfilllment of the nuclear security requirements is permanently analyzed for the starting of Unit 1 (700 MW) of the Cernavoda Nuclear Plant.
The international activity has been strongly linked with the regional and global context, starting from the necessity of the integration and harmonization with the international requirements.
Romania is the only country of Central and Eastern Europe that has been invited at the consultative meeting of the ministers of environment of some European states.
In collaboration with the states of the region and with the help of the international community, Romania takes part in the execution of important programmes for environ- ment protection on a national or regional scale, regarding the preservation of the quality of the Black Sea water, a convention signed by all riparian states and financed by the World Bank through the World Environment Fund.
Also important is the PHARE programme regarding the promotion of an integrated system of environment marking in Romania.
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