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Teleorman County


The Teleorman County

It is among the middle counties covering 2.4 per cent of Romanis's surface. It is situated in the South of Romania, in the Romanian Plain, on the left bank of the Dariube River.

In the Teleorman county there is one of the oldest vestiges of humanity in the world like the ones from Ciuperceni-Turnu Magurele, dated back from over 1.5 million years. Vestiges from the Bronze and Iron Epoches as well as from the Dacian-Roman period are all over this county. In 335 B.C., the famous Alexander Macedon crossed this region. At Turnu Magurele there are the vestiges of a Roman fortress dated from Emperor Trajan's time.

By its geographic configuration as a plain crossed by some rivers, the main point of tourist interest is the Danube River and its meadow of a special beauty.

There are new hotels in the municipalities of Alexandria, Turnu Magurele and Rosiori de Vede, in the town of Zimnicea as well as inns and motels. Thanks to the oportunities which will be created here by establishing of some free zones and the frontier check point (by ferrry) on the Danube, at Turnu Magurele and Zimnicea, the tourism and accomodation facilities will be developed very fast in future. In the localities situated on the bank of the Danube, by the development of the little agricol estates, the agro-tourism is a good idea for the future because in this area the hunting and fishing are certain attractions.

The capital city is the municipality of Alexandria where in the County Museum there are over 50,000 exhibits gathered in 65 collections archaelogy, ethnography, numismatics, memorism, etc.).

In this town there are many churches - one of them being the "Sf. Alexandru" Cathedral, where the bones of ruler Alexandru D. Ghica, founder of its town, are buried, but also nice icons painted by famous Romanian painters.

In the municipality of Turn Magurele, there is also an interesting cathedral. Also here were built some monuments dedicated to the bravery of the precursors, and the Art Museum, the only one in this County, exhibits paintings of some famous Romanian painters.

In the Teleorman County were born some important Romanian writers, and "Zaharia Stancu" memorial house in Salcia or "Marin Preda" one in Silistea (Rosiori de Vede) are interesting places for the visitors of this county.

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