F&P Ilfov County

Ilfov County


The Ilfov County

Having a surface of 1,593 sq.km and a population of about 300,000 inhabitants, this county is situated in the Southern part of our country and gathers the main localities around Bucharest.

The Romanian Plain - the only form of relief - give also the specific character of this county: it's the main agricultural producer and supplier of Bucharest's market.

Historicaly, the archeological excavations in this county spotlighted some material traces from Paleolithic and Neolithic. Very rich are also the vestiges from the feudal period which prove a strong structure in this county.

With their numberless historic and cultural vestiges situated near by important monasteries and palaces some zones as Cernica, Pasarea, Tiganesti, Mogosoaia, Snagov, Caldarusani and Buftea become points of a great tourist interest.

The forests and lakes offering the same time some very appreciated places for rest and leisure.

Remarkable are the collections of history, art and ethnography in the Brancoveanu's Palace in Mogosoaia or Cernica, Pasarea and Snagov Monasteries. Of a great importance to preserve the authentic tradition - both lay and church ones - are the embroidery, painting and sculpture workshops.

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