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Ialomita County


The Ialomita County

Situated in the South-Eastern part of Romania, where old and important trade roads cross, the Ialomita county - with a population of 306,145 habitants - is a trasit zone from Bucharest to Moldavia and the Romanian seaside.

The county, with its level plain, creates the fascinating impression that the grain reflected in the distance is the sky of the Romanian Plain itself. Having in view the life and flora of this county, the fauna is of steppe and forest, aquatic and hunting ones.

The Ialomita county has an accomodation capacity of over 3,000 places, of which 473 in hotels, over 600 in villas and motels, 1,540 bathing cure hospitals in Amara and 300 in villas of the school camp in Amara. The main tourist place of this county is Amara Spa, situated 7 km far from Slobozia and 126 km far from Bucharest, known thanks to its sapropelic mud and chlorinated and brominated table waters, used to cure the chronic rheumatism, gynaecological diseases. Also, the Hermes Holidays Park, situated near by the municipality of Slobozia is a point of tourist interest.

The tourist landscape of the Ialomita county consists also in: the dam and man-made lake from Dridu, the Pitesteanu Monument-Monastery, the famous Getic fortress at Piscul Crasani, the crosses carved in stone used to mark the borders of an estate or the years when a village was founded, the County Museum, the Agriculture Museum, and the "Ionel Perlea" Cultural Centre in Slobozia. The "Sfintii Voievozi" (Saints Voivodes) Monastery in Slobozia dating from the rule of Matei Basarab, "Ionel Perlea" Memorial House in Ograda, the Danubian Bridges in Fetesti.

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