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Covasna County


A land of mofettes, table waters and spas. This is the Covasna county which is situated on the middle course of the Olt River in the arch of the Carpathians' Curvature.

Having a surface of about 4, 000 sq.km, rounded by mountains covered by beech and fir forests, the Covasna county has an ozonized and ionized climate.

The relief consists mainly in volcanic mountains of a low altitude. The table waters and mofettes are to be mentioned. Only around the town of Covasna - an important watering place - there are over 1,000 springs of table waters - some of them having a flow of tenthousand liters per hour. Rich in carbonic acid, these table waters are very different in taste and curative effects. This is the reason Covasna is a watering county with a tot of spas.

The ionized air, the radioactive mofettes situated on 40 km in radius, and carbogaseous waters determined the fame of Covasna Spa as the most complex cure spa in Europe. There are also other smaller spas as follows: Balvanyos, Malnas-Bai, Biborteni, Ozunca-Bai, Valcele, Bodoc, Doboseni, Filia, Micfalau, Valea Zalanului, Batanii Mici a.o. Here a lot of diseases can be cured as: dermatologic, rheumatic, orthopaedic, cardiologic, nutrition, endocrine, gynecological or male genital diseases.

Having the municipality of Sfantu Gheorghe as its capital city, the Covasna county is also the county of the old fortified churches, peasant fortresses, wooden gates with dovecots and pillars carved in wood. They can be seen in towns as Sf. Gheorghe, Covasna, Intorsura Buzaului, Targu Secuiesc or Baraolt, but also in villages as Aita Mare, Araci, Arcus, Batanii Mari, Bodoc, Capeni, Cernat, Chichis, Chilieni, Estelnic, Filia, Ilieni, Lemnia, Ilieni, Ozun, Reci, Sanzieni, Valea Crisului, Zagon, Zabala a.o.

A picturesque place is the Quay of Varghis on the Varghis Valley, in the Harghita Mountains. The river cut in stone a narrow path which is 3 km long, and of an impressive wildness and natural beauty, with about 60 caves. The biggest one is the Meresti Cave and it is the longest cave in the Oriental Carpathians. Famous are here the Karstic intermittent springs too. The fauna is very rich here especially in the Bretcu zone, but also in other forests and zones of this county. The hunting of bear, wolf, Carpathian stag, roebuck, capercaillie, hare is an usual sport. The Reci, Oltul and Raul Negru Lakes, numerous valleys and clear rivulets are good places for fishers.

The peat bog from Ozunca and the birch grove from Reci diversify the rich flora so that till September the smell of flowers gather with the one of fir trees all over the alpine pastures.

In winter or in summer, the Covasna county waits for its guests for a cure or tourism.

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